Christmas Travel Could Be Slowed by Winter Storm

Ginger Zee tracks the forecast weather as holiday approaches.
1:55 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for Christmas Travel Could Be Slowed by Winter Storm
We move on next to the holiday. Exodus under way as 93.3 million americans plan a trip over the rivers to grandmother's house. The problem, the weather is stirring all mess. Here is ginger zee. Reporter: It's a pre-holiday pounding. After two days of rain aing sogy hill just outside seattle turns into a dramatic mud shrine, cascading through a freight train, sending it right off the track. And near san francisco, the rain caused this sink hole to open up. And the snow, from oregon to lake tahoe, the northwest is covered in white. This reporter showed us just how bad the roads were. Here is what we are dealing with. Really wet snow and making the kids late for school and making it tough for people to get the holiday shopping done on time. Reporter: That storm tonight is on the move. Blizzard warnings in eastern kansas and a snake of watches and warns from denver to eastern michigan. The result, up to a foot of snow and wind from the rockies to eastern iowa. Starting tomorrow and make it to wisconsin by friday. Okay, ginger is here now. Take us through, what travellers should watch for. Tonight, it's denver. Tonight and early tomorrow, and northeast colorado. Then we go for the wednesday nebraska and north carolina area. And even northern illinois, just touching of the suburbs of chicago, thursday and friday. You have severe storms and everybody is asking, does it get to the east coast? Do we get a white christmas? Looks like rain. We need a lot of high school day spirit in the errants and on the roads. Thanks. And still ahead, the abc

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{"id":18010432,"title":"Christmas Travel Could Be Slowed by Winter Storm","duration":"1:55","description":"Ginger Zee tracks the forecast weather as holiday approaches.","url":"/WNT/video/christmas-travel-slowed-winter-storm-18010432","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}