Cliffhanger House Set on FIre

Denise and Robert Webb watched their dream home go up in flames before it fell off a cliff.
1:49 | 06/13/14

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Transcript for Cliffhanger House Set on FIre
And next here tonight an image that gives new meaning to the phrase cliff hanger. Take a look we -- -- mansion in Texas after the earth fell away beneath it the pricey house dangling over a lake 75 feet below. But another picture tonight the home reduced to smoldering rubble and ABC's Matt -- takes us to meet the family telling about their dream house. The went up in flames. The -- it took this mansion. For gravity coo Robert ABB -- wedged between towns incinerated. -- -- what was it like today watching your house. These sort of. They watched for -- him. Fire department intentionally -- Police and 700000. Dollar home a last ditch measure taken -- the house -- plummeted to texas' late Whitney. In the reservoir is that kind of place you -- would be retirement home yes. Enough of sorrow -- -- with -- much money into when the web is bought the mansion in 2012 it was sold and it's traumatic league view while the limestone -- He looked like -- solid. And build your house on -- we think it's okay and geologists a short and the foundation was on solid ground that the ground begin to gear and -- And this happened so quickly that you couldn't get it appears that let us we just gullible we could and gotten out there because -- the whole time. If you take is calling and sending messages over time please leave the furniture and just get out -- this imminent that's going to happen. And it's not just the Websense. Look at this huge gash in the limestone which could take another geological bite and of the -- Neighbors helping their homes don't also go from dream house to dust. Matt Gutman ABC news.

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{"id":24134894,"title":"Cliffhanger House Set on FIre","duration":"1:49","description":"Denise and Robert Webb watched their dream home go up in flames before it fell off a cliff.","url":"/WNT/video/cliffhanger-house-set-fire-24134894","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}