Clinton Pushes Across Battleground States on Final Day of Campaign

The Democratic presidential candidate spent her last day on the campaign trail attempting to shore up votes in the crucial battleground states.
4:33 | 11/08/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clinton Pushes Across Battleground States on Final Day of Campaign
Welcome to ABC news election headquarters right here in Times Square where 24 hours from now. This room will be abuzz every seat in this room will be filled as those first polls begin to close. This is a presidential race unlike anything we have ever seen before and tonight we are aware that so many of you at home. Are grateful this election is finally here. So let's get to a tonight you see Hillary Clinton there with a thumbs up she is about to walk on to. This stage in Philadelphia with the president the First Lady and the boss Bruce Springsteen there tonight. Donald Trump touching down in five battleground today he is fired up arguing he doesn't need any big names he says he's crowds say all he is confident feeble wit. Our new ABC news tracking poll showing Hillary Clinton with a slight edge of 47 Donald Trump at 43. But they are at a virtual tie in two key battlegrounds debates new polls in Florida. Clinton 46 trump 45. I didn't north Carolina's tonight Clinton 47 trump 45. At in New Hampshire deceiving the new poll showing Clinton at 49. Trump at 38. Tonight Donald Trump is lashing out at the FBI Clinton meanwhile trying to keep her momentum we begin with eight BC Cecilia Vega Cecilia. David good evening to you there are thousands of people you can see it all here behind me here to seek. The first African American president and the person running to be the first woman president and this symbolic passing of the torch. Tonight in Philadelphia at least 20000 people gathered for the moments. I. Obama's together. I am better bite my tongue after a lot of nonsense I've heard people say about Hillary in this election but here's the thing about it. She doesn't complain. She doesn't ball quote. She brushes and well. Liked the American people she is strong and tough. Historic rally pony historic sites and in just had. A few hours. Have the power. It's a make. Our next president. And I let me. Bruce Springsteen starting things off. Fans. I'm. When Hillary Clinton's final day of campaigning began with a face time called to her granddaughters Charlotte's. Some questions from reporters. I really do want to be the president for everybody people who vote for me people who vote against me we really do have to. Bring the country together and you think I. Yeah my high yes it during absolutely absolutely. Her team encouraged by scenes like this long lines of early voters mostly Latino in Nevada. I think tens of thousands left burned out in key battlegrounds to see her face this friend. Run and Burrell until he beat Kerry JC. You say. I want my done. We. It says. Whether. Today Clinton making two stops in Pennsylvania. A state considered her firewall every I just haven't heard Hillary Clinton is about to begin her final day campaigning. The two delivery 83. Parent. The lines are long tomorrow please wait and her closing arguments we. We don't have to accept a dark and divisive vision for America. Tomorrow you can vote. Right hopeful. Any clues that big hard at America. And I had to start talking to each other again. Clinton telling me today she is ready. Yeah and borrow it from England and Greg is gonna work I don't know laugh about it late night yeah. So let's get to Cecilia Vega she's live in Philadelphia tonight and Cecilia we know she's there with the president Edward Bruce Springsteen tonight. But this is not her last stop. She's got a long night ahead ever David premieres applies to a rally in North Carolina takes place that I did you guys act to New York was she will vote tomorrow. And of course that big party in New York City tomorrow night under a literal glass ceiling. David all right a long night ahead for you was well Cecilia thanks to you.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"The Democratic presidential candidate spent her last day on the campaign trail attempting to shore up votes in the crucial battleground states.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"43375813","title":"Clinton Pushes Across Battleground States on Final Day of Campaign","url":"/WNT/video/clinton-pushes-battleground-states-final-day-campaign-43375813"}