Community Groups Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

Church members are ready to provide food for those in need.
1:39 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for Community Groups Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims
oklahoma, a different kind of rescue team deployed, trained in disaster relief, and faith. Faith-based. Offering food, water, blankets and prayer. As one person said, it's god's love with work gloves. Abc's byron pitts is on the ground with the oklahoma relief baptist team. Reporter: This is ground zero for the american red oss. Inside those folks who have not yet been notified about their children, whether they survived or passed away. There are chaplains inside with those families. Some families have been reunited with their children. Others received word their children died. There are a handful of families inside now waiting for word. These good folks in the yellow shirts behind me are all volunteers. All members of the southern baptist convention who are providing the meals. So far they've served about 1,400 meals to the survivors. Sam is with them. Sam, you guys have real experience in this. You were in new york after 9/11, after sandy hook. What's your mission here? Our mission here is to help give provision for the victims, the survivors, and also the volunteers that are helping with them. We'll feed meals and clean debris from their homes, hundreds of volunteers. All right, thank you so much. Reporter: They're prepared to serve 30,000 meals tomorrow, starting with breakfast sometime tomorrow and serve meals throughout the day. Still gearing up at this point. They are living their faith, the old african proverb, when you pray, move your feet. These good folks are moving in action to help their neighbors.

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{"id":19229262,"title":"Community Groups Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims","duration":"1:39","description":"Church members are ready to provide food for those in need.","url":"/WNT/video/community-groups-oklahoma-tornado-victims-19229262","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}