Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: The Victims

Conn. Shooting: The Victims
4:21 | 12/15/12

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Transcript for Connecticut Shooting Tragedy: The Victims
a small town in a small northeastern state, but the killing that happened here is breaking hearts from one corner of this vast country to another. Here in newtown, 26 christmas trees placed today on the road to the school, one for every victim who died there. In texas today, high schoolers coming together to sing in honored of those lost in oregon, hundreds gathering for a candlelight vigil. In what has become a national day of grief. But of course that grief felt nowhere more than right here in newtown, where you're looking at makeshift memorial, outside of sandy hook elementary school, people coming together this evening to try to understand what happened. Our abc news team here on the ground covering it all and this evening for the first time, we're learning the names, seeing me of the faces of the young victims, all of them first graders. The medical examiner reporting a short time ago, many of them were shot at close range. And this evening, we begin with a father who lost his little girl. As you drive through this community, the signs of grief are inescapable. Tonight, we're hearing a father's anguish. Robbie parker lost his daughter emilie. She was 6. She said I love you. I gave her a kiss. Reporter: This evening a horrific portrait of who the shooter targeted. In one classroom, every student but one shot and killed. Lost in an instant. In another classroom five of the victims were children. We know that a little boy who had a twin sister, he died. His twin in another classroom hiding in a bathroom with her teacher survived. We know that the school principal is among the dead. Dawn hochsprung, married, a mother herself. She may have turned on the p.A. System so that teachers could be around with of the danger coming. Mary sherlach, the school psychologist. Another teacher, victoria soto, 27, her family said that her body was found in a position shielding some of her first-grade students. She hurried most of them into a closet before the gunman arrived. Her life dream was to be a teacher and her instincts kicked in when she saw that there was harm coming towards her students. Reporter: Tonight, some of the youngest faces. Katherine hubbard. Just 6 years old. Her family saying -- ana marquez-greene was 7. She grew up in a home of jazz. Her brother survived in the school. Her father saying they're struggling to work through this nightmare. And jesse lewis, just 6, his father was headed to school to watch him make a gingerbread house. And tonight, for the first time, we hear from one of the first responders, inside that fire hall where parents were told to pick up their students. We met this counselor. It was like watching something that wasn't real. She watched as it dawned on the parents. Telling me they all knew the answer in that room, yet they kept waiting. Being there, you know, seei the individuals, were going into that room. To pick up their kids. Seeing them leave so distraught. From a position you're trying to help. She said some needed hugs, other simply needed someone to hold their hand. Just being there. And for you, what was the hardest part about last night going home? That I was going home. I was going home to a family and loved ones. And taking that with me, those families were going home and somebody didn't go home with them. That's the hardest part. So brave to share her story with us today. And as this list is revealed late today of the victims. Some of the youngest names and faces. We have learned a member of our own abc family has learned that she's lost one of her own relatives. We're praying for all of the families here tonight.

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