New coronavirus hot zones emerge around the nation

Both Maryland and Georgia are seeing large spikes in confirmed cases.
3:34 | 04/11/20

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Transcript for New coronavirus hot zones emerge around the nation
or the "Comfort" might be too much of a risk. States reporting surges in cases. Millions set a mark Easter Sunday. A test of faith, but also a test of social distancing. Some but not all churches urging parishioners to stay home. Unnecessary exposure in the ABC's Stephanie Ramos is outside St. Patrick's cathedral. Reporter: Tonight, dramatic video shows the moment officers in Philadelphia dragged a man off the bus. Police say it started over a disturbance on the bus, but the man says he was kicked off for not wearing a face covering. Septa, the transportation authority in Philadelphia, issuing a policy last week requiring all passengers to wear masks in line with CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of covid-19. But now they say that mask policy will not be inforced. Across the country, states are taking measures to keep people safe as they prepare for a surge in cases. Maryland reporting more than 1,500 new cases in the last 48 hours, more than 200 people have died. Governor Larry hogan warning of tough days ahead. We are ramping up the curve. This is going to be one of our most dangerous times ever this weekend and over the next week or so. Reporter: In Georgia, the National Guard is helping the most vulnerable, senior citizens, by wearing protective gear and military masks to clean this nursing home. In Texas, governor Greg Abbott increasing travel restrictions to the state. A 14-day quarantine is now required for all air travelers arriving from Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, all California and Washington state airports. The state is also turning convention centers into hospitals and looking for more facilities to convert. Nationwide there are fears of new outbreaks as some still plan to gather and celebrate Easter this weekend, despite strict rules to stay home. This pastor planning to hold services is changing his mind. I want the community to know that I'm truly sorry to cause fear. That was never my intent. We want the safety of our neighbors. We want the best for our neighbors, and so I humbly apologize. Reporter: And in Kansas, the supreme court holding oral arguments Saturday morning in a legal showdown between democratic governor Laura Kelly and Republican legislative leaders over whether she can limit church gatherings on Easter Sunday. These are not typical times. This is not a typical case. The people of Kansas and its leaders in government, both statewide and local, need clarity on the effect and validity of the governor's emergency orders. Reporter: Church gatherings in Kansas have produced at least three case clusters across the state, and health officials fear Easter services could further spread coronavirus. Stephanie Ramos joins us now from St. Patrick's cathedral in New York City. Stephanie on the issue of Easter Sunday, services will be streamed live tomorrow from that church and many others? Reporter: Exactly right, Tom. Normally this time of year St. Patrick's cathedral is packed with new yorkers and tourists, but not now. The church says they'll live stream services tonight and tomorrow. As forsome pastors in Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, and Mississippi, they say they will hold Easter Sunday services in person despite pleas to cancel from some public health experts. So many will be celebrating

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Both Maryland and Georgia are seeing large spikes in confirmed cases. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70104995","title":"New coronavirus hot zones emerge around the nation","url":"/WNT/video/coronavirus-hot-zones-emerge-nation-70104995"}