COVID-19 cases still rising as US hits 100K milestone

Cases of the deadly virus are still rising in 17 states including Wisconsin, meanwhile, new data shows 40 million people in the U.S. are now laid off.
3:40 | 05/28/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 cases still rising as US hits 100K milestone
Of course, the other major headline involves the American economy. The hurt being felt by millions of American families. 40 million Americans out of work. The new numbers tonight and it comes just 24 hours after the U.S. Passed that sobering milestone. Tonight, the number of lives lost now rising above 101,000, and today, we learned 2.1 million people filed new unemployment claims last week. 40 million now since this started. 1 in 4 American workers out of work. Tonight, the growing food lines, and the families facing eviction. Are there no protections for them? And the numbers when it comes to new cases. Here tonight, ABC's Matt Gutman. Reporter: That wall of handcrafted tributes part of a growing memorial outside a Brooklyn cemetery tonight. And just miles away, this 20,000-square-foot testament to health care workers. The gravity of that milestone, 100,000 lives lost, marked by the physician who has guided the country from the beginning. 100,000 people is just really historic in the public health impact it's had on us. World War, depression, 9/11. We've got to pull together as a nation to get over this. Reporter: Cases of the virus still rising in 17 states including Wisconsin today, which hit a record high. And in Washington state, half of all new infections are in people under 40. That as the virus' crushing toll on American livelihoods also becoming more clear. 40 million people laid off. That's 1 in 4 work, Americans. And it's believed that more than 40% of those people wont have jobs to go back to when this is over. You can feel that need in Los Angeles. Over 1,000 cars in this food distribution line. The traffic just to get in stretches for more than a mile. Snaking through it, we found Laura borriga. Her four little ones in the car seats. How important is this consignment of food today, these boxes? Very important, I mean, it helps me out. Like I said, I have four little ones. I barely work and, you know, this helps me out a lot. Reporter: And a new obstacle for the millions who lost jobs. Now renters risk losing homes. Many states could soon enforce evictions. What's the next steps for you? Homelessness. Reporter: Michelle Lewis is losing her home of 12 years. The locks changed this week after a court ruled against her. She's a food vendor in Mesa, Arizona, who used to make money at sporting events, but the crowds are all gone. We were just decimated by it. Reporter: For those businesses trying to reopen, the challenge of how to do it safely. The governor of New York today signing an executive order allowing businesses to deny entrance to people without face coverings. You don't want to wear a mask? Fine. But you don't then have a right to then go into that store if that store owner doesn't want you to. Reporter: But the president, who does not wear a mask in public, again taking aim at Joe Biden, tweeting overnight, "He looks better." Dr. Anthony Fauci making it clear why he wears one in public. I want to protect myself and protect others, and also because I want to make it be a symbol for people to see that that's the kind of thing you should be doing. Reporter: And David, finally New York City will start to reopen. Phase one begins the first or second week of June, according to the mayor there. He says up to 400,000 new yorkers could start going back to work. This is in the fields of construction, manufacture, nonessential retail. Now, the mayor says he wants to see less than 50% occupancy in these businesses and social distancing and some sort of face covering are a must. David? New York City set to joint the rest of the country.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Cases of the deadly virus are still rising in 17 states including Wisconsin, meanwhile, new data shows 40 million people in the U.S. are now laid off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"70939212","title":"COVID-19 cases still rising as US hits 100K milestone","url":"/WNT/video/covid-19-cases-rising-us-hits-100k-milestone-70939212"}