Cruise ship quarantined over measles case

300 passengers and crew remain under quarantine on the "Freewinds" cruise ship on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.
1:49 | 05/02/19

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Transcript for Cruise ship quarantined over measles case
tonight on that cruise ship, about 300 passengers and crew trapped amid a measles emergency onboard. The free winds is under quarantine and stuck in port in St. Lucia, after a case was diagnosed onboard. The ship's doctor asking for 100 doses of the vaccine. How quickly does it work? ABC's Victor Oquendo is at the port of Miami tonight. Reporter: Tonight, a reported 300 passengers and crew remain under quarantine on the freewinds cruise ship on the carribean island of St. Lucia. The confirmed case, as well as other crewmembers, are presently stable, but remain under surveillance by the ship's doctor. Reporter: That doctor requesting 100 doses of the measles vaccine, which can give some protection against the measles if given within three days of exposure. We'll take you aboard the freewinds. The church of scientology's religious retreat and humanirian ship. Reporter: The freewinds, shown here in a promotional video, is reportedly owned by the church of scientology and used for religious retreats and advanced spiritual counseling. The CDC is already tracking the worst measles spike in the U.S. In decades. More than 700 cases across 22 states. The outbreak mostly hitting people who are unvaccinated. It could actually stay in the air for up to two hours, and if you walk into a room where somebody had previously had measles, it is possible to get infected. And Victor Oquendo with us live tonight. You mentioned the ship's doctor has asked for 100 doses of the vaccine, but it needs to be given quickly. How long could the quarantine itself last? Reporter: Well, David, timing is key here. The sooner you take the vaccine after exposure, the more effective it is. There's also usually a 10 to 12-day surveillance period. Police at that port tell us the ship could pull out soon. It is based on the island of curacao, but the question is, which country will let it dock before everyone onboard has been given it the all clear? Victor, thank you. One of president trump's

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"300 passengers and crew remain under quarantine on the \"Freewinds\" cruise ship on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"62790710","title":"Cruise ship quarantined over measles case","url":"/WNT/video/cruise-ship-quarantined-measles-case-62790710"}