Cutting Your Vacation Costs

Check out these creative ways to travel that may save you thousands.
1:40 | 05/30/15

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Transcript for Cutting Your Vacation Costs
Next tonight, our "Real money" team. Millions of Americans ready for summer. The average American spending $4,000 on vacation every year. But imagine not spending any money on your place to stay? Here's linsey Davis. Reporter: Peter and Debra host, both retired and spending their golden years traveling the world, without spending a dime on lodging. Oh, and then there's Andy and Rachel, who traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and New York City, who also didn't have to pay to stay. We've saved in the region of tens of thousands of dollars in hotel costs. Having this great accommodation all around the world, it's been incredible. Reporter: It's called And if you're a pet lover, you'll also love the potential savings on your summer travel. Ruven and Goldie are a young couple staying in marina del rey, California, as we speak, for free. We would love to travel the world doing this. It's completely changed the way that we look at travel. Reporter: But, if pet sitting isn't part of your summer travel plans, there are still plenty of ways you can save. Gail presses from New Orleans saved $600 by booking her hotel through tingo. It tracks prices and automatically rebooks your room when the price drops. Back in L.A., that young couple enjoying some savings and new friends. We feel right at home, so it's win-win. And let me get this right. They get a free house because they walk a dog? And a cat. Not a bad tradeoff.

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{"duration":"1:40","description":"Check out these creative ways to travel that may save you thousands.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"31406435","title":"Cutting Your Vacation Costs","url":"/WNT/video/cutting-vacation-costs-31406435"}