Damaging storm system stretches from Texas to New York

Dangerous lightning strikes spark a Texas house fire.
2:54 | 08/08/17

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Transcript for Damaging storm system stretches from Texas to New York
Monday night, and we begin with the severe storms at this hour. Emergency teams are on the scene tonight after what's believed to be a tornado hitting Maryland not long ago. Cars upside down, builds destroyed, all part of this storm system. Storms from the south all the way up through New York you can see the damage coming in from the scene in Maryland. There were high water rescues elsewhere. ABC's gio Benitez leading us off. Reporter: Tonight, a possible tornado tossing cars like toys part of a powerful system extending all the way to Texas. The driver of this car escaping with minor injuries. Walls caving in, roofs shredded, all part of a storm system stretching all the way to Texas. In San Antonio, a race to save people trapped in high water after more than 4 inches of rain fell in just three hours. Water's just about going over the hood and I have one hispanic male sitting on the roof trying to get rescued. Reporter: Crews reaching that man helping him crawl to safety. Rescuers responding to more than 20 calls in all. Dangerous lightning striking throughout the state. Outside Dallas, a family of five sleeping when their home was hit overnight, thankful to be alive. Life is more important, all this can be replaced. Reporter: This after a weekend of violent weather. Three twisters striking the Tulsa area, including the ef-2. Winds up to 130 miles-per-hour, on the ground for nearly 7 miles. More than two dozens injured. They had patrons in it and the roof collapsed. Reporter: Customers and employees inside this Friday's restaurant narrowly escaping. Those twisters moved through so quickly, officials say they didn't have time to sound the sirens. And tonight, back in Maryland, a community left picking up the pieces. And David tonight in Maryland, thankfully no serious injuries have been reported. Crews are still trying to Resto restore power there, and officials are trying to find out if that was a tornado. More rough weather is ahead. Thank you, gio. Let's bring in ginger zee tracking it for us. What concerns you tonight? Reporter: Still tonight, that it's still rain, David. Places like central Delaware have seen up to 5 inches of rain, and we have rain on the map. Watches in Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. You get to the mid atlantic and say, when will it end? Overnight into tomorrow morning, David. You're tracking a tropical storm over the next 24 hours. Where a lot of Americans travel. Reporter: Yes. Tropical storm Franklin in the far western caribbean sea. I want to take you there. You can see the center just east of the yucatan peninsula. A place like pun a Alan, it's going to go through there, and they are under a hurricane watch. It becomes a hurricane after it passes and goes into central Mexico. We'll be watching this for a couple of days. Our thanks to you again tonight.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Dangerous lightning strikes spark a Texas house fire. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"49081332","title":"Damaging storm system stretches from Texas to New York","url":"/WNT/video/damaging-storm-system-stretches-texas-york-49081332"}