Dangerous Flash Floods Trap Southern Residents Across US

Potentially deadly flooding waters, winds hit country from Texas to Tennessee.
2:47 | 04/28/13

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Transcript for Dangerous Flash Floods Trap Southern Residents Across US
Fierce weather across much of the south tonight triggering potentially deadly flash floods. And dangerous winds from Texas to Tennessee and -- that system is now moving a half foot of rain. Sent a wall of water rushing to the streets of Houston firefighters making 150 rescues in a matter of hours. In this extraordinary sight from this -- window everything under water there and what you see in white and his golf ball sized hail floated by. That system blowing across the Tennessee were high winds a possible tornado turned homes and farms and the piles of rubble and mangled debris. More is on the way in the south tonight at another trouble spot we're watching so many in the midwest. Watching those rivers reached record levels ABC -- year old is too busy on both fronts tonight beginning with those dramatic pictures coming in from Houston. Raging flash floods the swallowed the streets in Houston. Almost five inches of rain fell in just two hours severe storms crushed the store in Sugar Land, Texas and ripped apart this building -- -- That hail in Houston so -- it looked like snow. It's. In the streets that seemed to become rushing rivers. -- Son Dallas stars' hidden in the car really -- -- point conceive -- ground rules. -- this drivers slowed down but 150. Others had to call Houston police to be rescued. Fortunately no one was killed but flash flooding is the number one storm related killer. That means on average flooding kills more people than tornadoes and twice as many as lightning. Ali was is going to be able to go through -- and then you know Christine on but there and we got to hear as far as -- and Hannah and didn't go down. And here's why water builds up quickly and within minutes just two feet of water can literally move your car. Tonight as severe storms and flash flooding attacked the southeast. A warning turn around don't drown. -- was stunning and moved -- so quickly as we watched it all ginger with us now and you -- this rain is going to be a real problem even into tonight. Right it's happening now flash flood warnings in parts of Mississippi eight Alabama had -- earlier now -- look at this -- -- see heavy rains up to two inches falling in parts of the Carolinas and southeast Georgia so. Something to note if you plan on traveling in the southeast this evening and you're just -- from the midwest this weekend where you were watching the rivers rising everybody's watching the red river this is the -- we've been talking about. Four weeks really watching and now rain coming to that very area that does not need it so the red river should it. -- on Wednesday at 37 feet that would put it in the top ten worst flood they've ever had but fortunately this is gonna stay a little lower than -- anticipated.

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{"id":19062872,"title":"Dangerous Flash Floods Trap Southern Residents Across US","duration":"2:47","description":"Potentially deadly flooding waters, winds hit country from Texas to Tennessee. ","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-flash-floods-trap-southern-residents-us-19062872","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}