Dangerous snow storms moving across the US

Oswego County, New York, is now under a state of emergency.
4:10 | 12/28/17

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Transcript for Dangerous snow storms moving across the US
Good evening. Welcome to "World news tonight." I'm Tom llamas, in for David. And we begin tonight with the dangerous arctic blast, gripping a huge portion of the country and now causing a state of emergency. A fresh round of lake effect snow pushing record snowfall totals up to six feet in parts of upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Piles of snow, you see it right there, as high as rooftops. And when the snow finally stops, here comes the cold. Already teeth-chattering temperatures set to sink further into sub zero territory. Thnditions on roads during this busy holiday travel week, very dangerous. And this storm system responsible for Dayal car accidents in Kansas and Missouri. And a small plane skidding off the runway there in Indiana. Wind chill advisories in effect across new England tonight. We'll get to rob Mars Yan knoll for more on that forecast, but we begin tonight with Alex Perez in Erie, Pennsylvania. Reporter: Tonight, with much of the country in a deep freeze, the great Lakes are battling a record-breaking bitter onslaught of snow. Oswego county, New York, now under a state of emergency. Redfield getting a record-shattering 62 inches of snow. This is a little too early compared to what we normally get. Can't do anything about it. Move it. Reporter: In Lorraine, new York, firefighters tunneling their way into this home to rescue a woman trapped inside. Residents struggling to dig out and crews struggling to keep the roads passable. It's coming, at times, faster than we can keep up with it. Reporter: In Erie, 65 inches of snow and still coming down. This man spent most of the day digging out his family's two cars, trying to keep up with mother nature this week, he says, a losing battle. We're drowning in snow. The best way I can put it. Reporter: Crews coming from as far away as Pittsburgh. The National Guard called in, too. One problem that to officials are dealing with, mounds of snow that turn out to be cars buried in. Owners just unable to get to them. Icy roads causing more than 40 accidents in Kansas City alone. In Michigan city, Indiana, this plane skidding off a runway. Luckily no one was hurt. And then there's the bone-chilling cold. Residents wearing winter gear indoors after 40,000 people in Cleveland lost power overnight. This is the stuff that makes you stronger. I just keep telling myself that. Reporter: Warming shelters open from Chicago to Boston. And in Minneapolis, where the thermometer read minus 4, but it felt like 21 below in some spots. That brutal cold turning minnehaha falls into a frosty ice-scape. And tonight, ex Perez braving the cold for us, joining us live now from a mountain of snow there in Erie, Pennsylvania. Alex, that city got as much snow in the past several days as they usually get all winter? Reporter: Yeah, that's right, Tom. They usually get about 100 inches of snow here in Erie all winter. So far, they have gotten 102 inches just in December alone. As for what happens for these massive mounds of snow like this one piling up all over town? Officials say here they just haven't gotten to that point yet. A long road ahead. Tom? Clearly. 102 inches so far. Alex, thank you. And those frigid temperatures tomorrow morning expected to feel up to 22 degrees below zero, with wind chill in some parts. Let's get out to rob Marciano, who is out in the cold and, rob, it is bitter out there tonight. Reporter: It is, and as you mentioned, it's going to get worse. The good news is, the lake effect snows, most of them will shut off. More cold air is coming in. Wind chill advisories are up. Look at the numbers in the morning. They are alarming across northern new England. 30 below in Burlington. It will feel like 17 below in Boston. Below zero in New York City. During the day, it really doesn't warm up a whole lot. Barely above freezing in new York and philly and 13 below in Albany. How about new year's? Well below zero for wind chills once again, and the pattern is such, we might see snow across the northeast on new year's day. Tomorrow? All right, rob Marciano for us tonight. Rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Oswego County, New York, is now under a state of emergency. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"52016647","title":"Dangerous snow storms moving across the US","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-snow-storms-moving-us-52016647"}