Dangerous travel conditions up and down the East Coast

69-car pileup during a dense fog in Virginia and sheets of ice falling from a building in New York City.
3:09 | 12/23/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dangerous travel conditions up and down the East Coast
We begin with the dangerous travel as a record number of people take to the roads and to the skies. The staggering toll, on an icy, foggy Virginia highway. A 69-vehicle pileup. 51 people injured. Treacherous fog in Missouri. You can barely see there. Several buses catching fire at the Los Angeles airport, delaying passengers. That incident is still under investigation. Here in New York City, sheets of ice falling from a high-rise. The holiday forecast in a moment. But Trevor Ault leads us off from New York. Reporter: Tonight, dangerous travel conditions across the country. Oh, my god. Reporter: A nearly 70-car pileup in dense fog on this icy Virginia highway. More than 50 people sent to the hospital, some with critical injuries. Trucks piled on top of trucks. Reporter: Thankfully, no fatalities. Watch out! Watch out! Reporter: In New York City, danger from up above. I heard a loud bang. Then I heard ice crash from two feet away. Reporter: Sheets of ice falling from this high rise, sending people running for cover, shielding their children. We're seeing massive chunks of ice like that falling off of that skyscraper. You can imagine the velocity from that height, to the point that police have had to close off these streets in a major part of Manhattan. Further west, fog creating treacherous travel conditions in Missouri. While two storm systems dumping heavy rain in the west and the southeast. These roads, swamped in Alabama. And in southern California, this bizarre road hazard. A pair of empty passenger buses catching fire. Creating havoc for commuters at L.A.X. Firefighters rushing in to battle the flames. And all of this, as a record number of drivers hit the road for the holidays. More than 100 million Americans expected to travel through the end of the year with the worst day on the roads still coming the day after Christmas. Trevor joins us live at the scene of the falling ice in new York. Part of the problem tonight, the temps are rising. Reporter: That's right. This is an area filled with shoppers and tourists, and police still have it closed off. At least one person was hit in the face by this falling ice. With milder weather on the way, this could be an issue. Trevor, thank you. Let's get right to Greg Dutra. I know you're tracking two storms tonight. Reporter: Yeah, a major one, along I-5 in California, where millions are expected to travel. A few inches of snow are possible. That snow -- or rain changes to snow, as it heads to the mountains. To the east, the second storm system is more consistent with a tropical system. While it is not, it will still bring high winds and up to nine inches of rain through Georgia and South Carolina. But the good news, the warmer and drier weather will arrive by the holiday. Christmas eve and Christmas day should be near 50 degrees in areas like Chicago. Tom?

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"69-car pileup during a dense fog in Virginia and sheets of ice falling from a building in New York City.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"67886557","title":"Dangerous travel conditions up and down the East Coast","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-travel-conditions-east-coast-67886557"}