Dangerous weather batters the East Coast

Drenching rains and high winds lead to hundreds of flight cancellations.
3:13 | 10/29/17

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Transcript for Dangerous weather batters the East Coast
I'm Tom llamas. We begin with the breaking news. The clashing storms taking aim at the east coast. Drenching rains and winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour expected. 45 million Americans facing a flash flood watch. This, after tropical storm Philippe adding more fury to a developing nor'easter. Hundreds of flights cancelled. Rush hour expected to be a real mess from Washington, D.C., to Boston. Rob Marciano starts us off. Reporter: The rain, the wind, the waves, all have been steadily increasing. Now, under a high wind warning. A dynamic and explosive system already doing damage across the U.S. And really, we're just getting started. Tonight, two storms converging, millions bracing. In Florida, tropical storm Philippe with torrential rain and 75-plus mile per hour winds. This twister spotted in palm beach county. One of four hitting Florida overnight. This driver on I-95 spotting what appears to be a tornado. It's a tornado right in front of me. Reporter: When suddenly, a transformer explodes ahead. Oh, just took out the light. Reporter: A mobile home park in Boynton beach blown to pieces. The winds were really starting to pick up. I could see stuff flying through the air. Reporter: Roofs torn off, windows shattered. A ceiling fan lying among the debris. Remnants of Philippe fueling that nor'easter, putting 45 million at risk from Washington, D.C., to Boston. Flash flooding and damaging winds expected. Power outages likely, flight delays a certainty. This, coming on the fifth anniversary of superstorm sandy. It wasn't water that destroyed this town, but it was hurricane-force winds. Spreading fire across these tightly-packed homes. Houses here are still being rebuilt. And the incoming storm has residents on edge. Rob joins us live from long Beach, New York, bracing for a rough night. Reporter: They are. The boardwalk I'm standing on, much of it rebuilt after sandy. The two storms coming together, Philippe, heading up with half a foot of rainfall, going to saturate the ground. And these winds, 40, 50, 60 miles per hour. Scattered outages today and tomorrow. Next to the Russia investigation. The first charges in that probe expected to be handed down as

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Drenching rains and high winds lead to hundreds of flight cancellations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"50800306","title":"Dangerous weather batters the East Coast","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-weather-batters-east-coast-50800306"}