Dangerous Weather Conditions From Wyoming to Wisconsin

Severe weather warnings issued across nation, threats of tornadoes and floods.
2:59 | 06/22/13

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Transcript for Dangerous Weather Conditions From Wyoming to Wisconsin
the severe weather threat this evening, dangerous conditions across much of the midwest. Thousands of homes without power. From storms that have already struck. Seems like just when the lightning breaking across the sky in minneapolis dropping flooding rain. Meanwhile, in the west wild fires, turning an iconic colorado town into a ghost town. Everybody forced to evacuate. Tonight they believe that town will be saved. This evening abc's clayton sandell on the newest pictures coming in. Reporter: Mother nature kicking off summer with a deadly blast. Raking the plains and upper midwest. One woman killed when powerful storms slammed eastern south dakota. We definitely have seen a lot of damage. Reporter: The town of hot springs bombarded by golf ball sized hail. Tornadoes were spotted in minnesota, in the twin cities squalls leveled large trees and streetlights. 60,000 power customers left in the dark. In canada, floods killed three people and put much of downtown calgary underwater. This is downtown calgary, state of emergency remains in effect for obvious flooding. Much of the downtown core has been closed since friday, it's expected to remain that way until midweek. Reporter: Out west they could use that water, wild fires have erupted all over colorado. The worst threatening the small town of south fork, 400 residents and hundreds more tourists forced out. The next thing you know, they said leave now. So they just hurried us on out. Reporter: Unexpected shift in wind and terrain is helping keep flames away from homes for now. It's always a successful day when we have not lost a life. And we have not lost someone's home. Or done damage to private property. Reporter: But they are not out of the woods yet. Those red flag fire weather warnings still in effect meaning hot dry winds could still spark a new round of dangerous flare ups. David. Summer just arrived. Clayton, thanks to you. Abc meteorologist ginger zee tracking this. Severe weather straight through the night. Ugly skies from illinois back to parts of wyoming. That's happening as we speak. Earlier today, near sycamore, that structure is a beautiful shelf cloud, but with it comes damaging winds. We have seen winds in excess of 70 miles per hour. Be on alert still tonight anywhere from northeast colorado, nebraska, and minneapolis later tonight. It's not just tonight, david, it's tomorrow, it slides to the south and east, places like iowa, into kansas city, and even again, close to chicago right on those western burbs. What kind of rain? One to two inch rainfall, we are talking flooding concerns in places like southwestern wisconsin, that already had issues today and south and east minneapolis look out, more rain

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{"id":19465348,"title":"Dangerous Weather Conditions From Wyoming to Wisconsin","duration":"2:59","description":"Severe weather warnings issued across nation, threats of tornadoes and floods.","url":"/WNT/video/dangerous-weather-conditions-wyoming-wisconsin-19465348","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}