David Muir's Interview With Tim Kaine

Democratic veep choice talks about advice he gives to Clinton and concern over Donald Trump.
3:29 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for David Muir's Interview With Tim Kaine
Donald Trump making that plea to Russia about those emails but then pointing out today it was simply him being sarcastic. We ticket straight to Clinton's running mate senator Tim Kaine tonight and we asked what he thought of the sarcasm explanation. We also ask if he really thinks trump is hiding something in his taxes after telling millions that last night here. My one on one tonight with senator Cain. It's rather than it is merely walked with the senator quite that got to that stage where he stood last night tonight beat Hillary Clinton. There was someone else in this audience last night the man who holds the job right now for vice president until and he was asked afterward. What Hillary Clinton needs to do tonight and he said she needs to show a little hearts do you agree with them. You know I I saw that really on display and our first event Saturday down in Miami. There's just something about the in onstage together and okay now this is the ticket and we're locked in this for this battle and hopefully for very long time I think she really. Was relaxed and having fun America has seen Hillary Clinton at a podium for many many years so what will be about tonight. That will reveal something more about the killer apps and America hasn't been able to learn how I I think that Hillary tonight it's really her night unity collision at podiums before. Then in some ways. Usually connected with her husband or with others this is going to be your really wonderful like specially Chelsea introduced in the US field with those two words believe me GAAP. Two words we've heard from Donald Trump. There's nothing suspicious in my tax returns believe may. He. It's tax itself and do you think are absolutely. And I think he's pretty much admitted it OFI turn my taxes. They're gonna make political hay out of it I would he has said that when he a lot of has done the cameras taxes that that's. Hey I've released my taxes everybody's release and their taxes that's bogus he can turn over the Texas you're gonna probably find out. That despite all his claims he's not a guy that gives much to charity and you may find out that he's got some connections in the business world. That are kind of challenging and maybe not even now. Not eating befitting somebody who wants to be president commander in chief let's talk about Russia you heard in the last 24 hours a Russia if you're listening. I hope you find those 30000 missing emails I was stunned is yes and that is asking Russia for help from attacking Hillary clue what he what he's basically doing is saying hey Russia if you can put your thumb on the scale of an election. In the United States. Please do it. We now I'm on the armed services and foreign relations committee we know. Russia does interfere in the elections of other countries we've just got that rock solid and cold. And now we got Donald Trump saying hey Russia put your thumb on the scale to help me. In an American election into those who support trump who might say this there was a little sarcasm during that news conference I think during that news conference or one sarcasm it was ignorance. He he he actually said about me in the a news conference I was a lousy governor in New Jersey. I'm Gunter Virginia I'm a governor Virginia seasick. Play there. Yes we get in. Get sweet game. And say never could imagine him last night now. Are you can make. No absolutely not we got great seats. And Hillary Clinton says Virginia's important that's one of the reasons she picked in a really so much about me she says no it Virginia's important place these days. And that makes me feel really good she might beg to differ she might say that I got I got my modest terms. Senator Tim Kaine wettest on one tonight.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Democratic veep choice talks about advice he gives to Clinton and concern over Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"40974928","title":"David Muir's Interview With Tim Kaine ","url":"/WNT/video/david-muirs-interview-tim-kaine-40974928"}