A day after blasting NATO, Trump singing alliance's praises

He declared the allies had "upped" their defense spending but leaders said their immediate plans had not changed.
3:32 | 07/12/18

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Transcript for A day after blasting NATO, Trump singing alliance's praises
summit. President trump some of America's est Alli, and tonight, what just sai in the next stop. He and the first ladying in uk after that tense meetinith N allies. Right before heleft, the president declaring vry, Ng the other countries Ed to pay more. But is that true? What they thenaid afrward. ABC's ief foreign correspondent Terry Moran from the U tonight. The president reportedly sg some of the protests there H made him feel unwelcome. Repr: In brusls today, an uneted first. President trump singing the praises of the nato alliance. I in nato. Think nato is very important, ab greatest er done. Reporter: He could have fooled the as S age less t24 hours easier. First, latching out at Germany for the recent energy deal with the Kremlin. Germany, as far ai'm concerned, is captive to Russia. Reporter: Then broadening his attack, twee, "What go is nato if Germany is paying Russia billions of dollfor gas an ENER?" So, he strolled into the summit today, almost an hour late and alone and soon blew it sources tell ABC news, trump told the other nations that if don't spend more on Defee, the u.swould "Go it's owy" and "Do our ownng," an ominous ultimatum for the alance. After, he held a P confceo declare victory over tllies. They have substantially upped thmmitment. Ah. And now,e're very ppy and we'll have a V powerful, very, very strong nato. Much stronger than two days ago. Orter: Butther lead said their immediate spending plans had not chanat all. Ench president Emmanuel macron saying France WOU hit the spending tts the u.s.ts in 2024. E chaos at nato, something that would gladdladimir pun whoaid last year that nato should be completely falling apart. President trump meets with Putin Monday. In a sense,re comps. It's not a questof friend orenemy. He's not my enemy. And, hopefully S day, maybe he'll be a friend. It could hn. But I just don't know him very well. Orter: American intelligence agencies have deineddled in 16 electiotrump sayse'll raisehe issue We will, of se, a your favorite question meddling. I will beskt qution, again. He may deny , mean, it's one of thosethings. All I can do is say, did you, and don't do it agut he ma deny it. Reporter: But first, this a veryti at the magnificent blenheim palace.prminister Theresa may greeting president trump and the fidy. ?????? a military parade delighting the president. The prime minister well war that pomp anumstance is one way to me this mercurial ally happy. So,let's bring back in Terry Moran, LIV tonight from London now. And we know other presidents before this current president have asked F nato allies T contribute more this was a different way of doing it, certainly. And while you'rre in dish primeinister esa may rolling out the redcarpet forhe president.he seemed T te a shot at her, to seemed. Reporter: It was a devastatg shot.thy Rolle her plan for br, ts getting Britain out of the European union. It's a hugecontroversy. President trump now given an interview in which he said, would have done brexit differently, he tried to telltheresa ma how to do it, but she wouldnisten to him. Ich should make tomorw pretty interesting there. David? All T, try Moran, thank you. In themeantime back here at home this evening, and to the

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"He declared the allies had \"upped\" their defense spending but leaders said their immediate plans had not changed. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56552146","title":"A day after blasting NATO, Trump singing alliance's praises","url":"/WNT/video/day-blasting-nato-trump-singing-alliances-praises-56552146"}