D-Day Remembered: President Obama Honors the Heroes of Normandy

70 years later soldiers now in their 90s return and recall that bloody day.
3:42 | 06/06/14

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Transcript for D-Day Remembered: President Obama Honors the Heroes of Normandy
And tonight just look at the same -- the American flag there here at home one million rose -- released over the statue of liberty today. And in Washington DC veterans remembering at the World War II memorial. Tonight so many -- sending us your family's memories stories from -- and loved ones and we'll have it in your voice later in the broadcast. But first ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl is there tonight traveling with the president. From President Obama today a soaring tribute to the heroes who turned the tide of history seventy years ago. These men waged -- so that we might know peace. They sacrificed so that we might be free they fought in hopes of a day when we no longer need to fight. All told more than 150000. Allied troops took part in the one of the hardest fought in most important battles of all time whenever the world makes you cynical. W doubt. -- -- goodness this possible stop and think of these men. Men like -- Terrell just twenty when he landed on Omaha Beach now returning with his daughter and granddaughter for an emotional first time. General about Bradley said every. Man who was here landed on that beach that day as a hero. Includes you. I'm just thankful to be him and I never looked. Hero type thing mean do we have to do. -- only a handful of photographs from Omaha Beach on that day and vivid memories from men like Cosmo that bullets are bad but it's Hillary. -- -- -- Always be -- -- -- your legs and get your -- -- you I know you wouldn't be limited a blue. I've been blessed like -- The sacrifice is almost unimaginable. More Americans died in 24 hours on. 92. Parachuted in. Nearly two thirds of the -- and his squad were killed. And much quote long and they're they're very here. The -- tenor -- Sean Medford. -- -- -- -- Most of these men will never -- Normandy again which is why Cosmo -- decided to take a little piece of it back home so I just reached down. And a handful of sand and take home with me. Some memory there. Lot of speculation today about whether President Obama would meet with Vladimir Putin who is also here for the despite all the tension surrounding Russia's actions in Ukraine the two men -- did meet and had a short seemingly cordial conversation. On this day it's worth remembering that when it came to the battle against Hitler the Russians and the Americans were on the same side.

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{"id":24036934,"title":"D-Day Remembered: President Obama Honors the Heroes of Normandy ","duration":"3:42","description":"70 years later soldiers now in their 90s return and recall that bloody day.","url":"/WNT/video/day-remembered-obama-honors-heroes-normandy-24036934","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}