Deadly Bus Crash in Pennsylvania

The coach of the Seton Hill Women's College Lacrosse Team was killed and fourteen players hurt.
1:42 | 03/16/13

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Transcript for Deadly Bus Crash in Pennsylvania
-- deadly bus crash in central Pennsylvania a tour bus carrying the Seton Hill College women's lacrosse team from greens -- to a game in Lancaster. And look at the -- the just invited veered off the highway and smashed into a tree shearing off the whole front into the bus. The stretchers carrying -- the victims. Tonight we've learned the driver has been killed along with the team's coach who we have also learned was pregnant the baby did not survive. ABC's John trick them into saw. It was supposed to be a routine road trip to an -- game for the women's lacrosse team of Seton hill university in Pennsylvania. Authorities say around 9 o'clock this morning -- bus went off the Pennsylvania turnpike slamming into which -- The left front side sheared off the bus driver Anthony -- in the team's head coach thirty year old Christina Quigley were killed. Quigley was six months pregnant her baby. Didn't make it all of the 23 people on board. Were injured. ABC news has warned that this bus company has an excellent safety record and often carries NCAA teams in military. It can happen to any company. And that's why you need broad based safety standards both operator performance as well as for the vehicle. Performance this is just the latest in a string of deadly bus crash it's the National Transportation Safety Board says -- stepped up bus safety standards and inspection but some experts say more needs to be done to make sure all buses are equipped with seat belts and drivers are properly trained. It's about ten cents per passenger. Trip that it will cost the industry. To put all these safety standards into effect at this point investigators don't know what caused this accident John -- and ABC news New York.

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{"id":18747204,"title":"Deadly Bus Crash in Pennsylvania","duration":"1:42","description":"The coach of the Seton Hill Women's College Lacrosse Team was killed and fourteen players hurt.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-bus-crash-pennsylvania-18747204","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}