Deadly Flooding in the Heartland

Nearly two dozen lives lost in the floods and hundreds of roads and highways underwater.
2:16 | 12/31/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Deadly Flooding in the Heartland
Of that deadly flooding growing worse in the heartland blame for the deaths of nearly two dozen people. The scene in downtown saint Louis the Mississippi River expected to crest at the arch twelve feet above flood stage. Hundreds of roads even highways under water right now several Ruble levels reaching all time highs. ABC meteorologist Ingrid Peterson in the flood zone tonight. Tonight floodwaters paralyzing parts of the midwest as rivers crest and records falls residents raced to sandbagged homes. Hoping he'll be spared. We just need a lot of help them. Pet stranded probably count were waters only rusted. Being rescued two this was seen on interstate 55 overnight before officials were finally forced to close it traffic backed up for miles. These photos showing hope quickly the floodwaters rose in valley park. We rode along with the US Geological Survey they're using doppler radar to monitor the rising Mississippi. All the rivers that feed this area the old wherever the upper Mississippi the Missouri are all come and whether flood crest right here today. And so that's what's made this blood so large. This time of year at this stretch of the Mississippi River should be five feet deep. Tonight it's 42 feet. To put on perspective there's about ten timing on a water flowing here right underneath the Eads bridge and you typically see flowing over Niagara Falls. This video from Fenton Missouri shows how powerful that can beat. Watch this house Max. At least 22 deaths in Missouri and Illinois now being blamed on the flooding. At least four still missing including two teenage boys and Taylor bill Illinois. And the search and rescue operation still under way Indra joins us now to give us an update on the forecast Indra. Tom take a look at all of this water and the story does not end here while many you'll be going home ringing in the new year this evening residents south along the Mississippi. Know that all this water is headed in their direction around Memphis about a week from now till we are now places like Baton Rouge, Louisiana could still be entering major flood state. There is a piece of good news though here as we ring in the New York. No showers expected for the next week in the midwest to some light showers around adults and heavy lake effect snow around the lakes for years to act that is a promising forecast writing to thank you.

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{"id":36040822,"title":"Deadly Flooding in the Heartland ","duration":"2:16","description":"Nearly two dozen lives lost in the floods and hundreds of roads and highways underwater.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-flooding-heartland-36040822","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}