Deadly Historic Flooding in Maryland

Powerful floodwaters take the lives of two people as torrential rain washes away cars and tears up roads.
3:00 | 08/01/16

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Transcript for Deadly Historic Flooding in Maryland
To new flood concerns at this hour tonight. Amid the storms hitting right now. It comes after that historic flooding in Maryland triggered by torrential rains a human chain saving a woman more than a hundred other safe to. The power of that rushing water washing cars away as they were poised. The water tearing up the asphalt this car almost buried underneath it. To Jersey is standing by with a track of these new storms hitting right now with first AB c.'s T of the leaders but that dramatic human chain. But. Desperate attempt to save a woman's life as a powerful flooding golf's Ellicott city Maryland to distort this this man first swept away by rushing waters. Only to fight his way upstream to help form a human chain. 29 year old Jamie night falling out of her car window and finally pulled to safety a simple message for those good samaritans I'm grateful. I'm very thankful. I was Shanghai his name this view from inside a restaurant cars spinning downstream. People started freak out. So everybody was getting out then Trent figure out where to go. To customers who went out into the storm. Lost their lives and what meteorologists are calling a one in the thousand reign of you have your food still out there. The top floor frozen in time. Glasses still half filled tab still unpaid and right now we're on the second floor of this restaurant to take a look down the stairs the water came up about half way up and just look. Totally destroyed that front room looks more like a war zone book goes through your mind when you think us. I'm glad I'm glad most everyone got out really I mean it's you know and for building its material it's the people it's people that matter so. Our guys to the best they could. The same disastrous storm system wreaking Havoc across the region from New Jersey to North Carolina. Hot Earl Lloyd. Like our progress. Where lightning struck and took the life of a five year old war. And jubilee it is with a slot tonight from a look at city and you we can see the cars right there behind you. That's right David these scores are from that historic district and for her to death that's about three football fields away so quite a ways for me here. Really it's get us show you just how powerful. These waters were all right you but it is what is GO thank you of course the concern heading into tonight more possible flash flooding in parts of the east let's get right to ginger. With the new tract. And David nothing really scares me more than powerful water just like that's a tonight as we look at this map please try extra attention to those flash flood watch is because it wasn't just Maryland that had that hefty rain. Parts of New Jersey saw more than seven inches of rain and now they're getting more so it's already saturated more to come. Some of these storms even severe with some damaging wind possible. There's a pocket of severe thunderstorms also popping up in the plains North Dakota down to parts of South Dakota Minnesota Iowa and even a little sliver of Nebraska a quick look at the monsoon flow. Another flash flood watch on for a lot of New Mexico parts of Arizona you taught and that are much in the east and the west ginger was sealant GMA.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Powerful floodwaters take the lives of two people as torrential rain washes away cars and tears up roads.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"41055674","title":"Deadly Historic Flooding in Maryland","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-historic-flooding-maryland-41055674"}