Deadly Holiday Weekend in Chicago

At least a dozen killed and 82 people wounded by gunfire in Chicago.
2:09 | 07/07/14

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Transcript for Deadly Holiday Weekend in Chicago
and an eruption of gun violence in a city trying so hard to change the deadly dynamic. Over the holiday weekend, at least a dozen people were killed and 82 wounded by gun fire in Chicago. So, what was happening in the streets? Here's ABC's Alex Perez. Reporter: Along with fireworks, the sound of gunfire filled the air in parts of Chicago this holiday weekend. The biggest surge in gun violence the windy city has seen all year. Among the dead, Tonya Gunn -- killed while barbecuing in a park with her daughter and loved ones late Sunday night, her panicked family frantically calling 911. And then the ambulance came and they took her. And they shot her in front of her daughter. Reporter: The city's top cop blaming part of the problem on weak gun laws. There's a greater sanction for the gang member to lose their firearm from their gang than there is to go to jail for possession of that gun. Reporter: Mccarthy says police confiscated more than 100 guns over the weekend. But in our special ABC news Chicago violence summit with Diane sawyer, we met several young people familiar with the streets who repeatedly told us the same thing -- finding a gun here doesn't take a lot of work. How easy is it to get a gun when you want to get a gun on the street? I'd say it's just like picking up a crayon. You feel me? You can go get a gun. Reporter: The uptick in violence comes on the heels of new strategies the Chicago pd has implemented to curb crime, including adding more officers, targeting hot spot neighborhoods and a new high tech system that allows officers to monitor and better respond to violent outbreaks. And while this weekend was particularly bloody, Chicago police point out murders are down 6% compared to this point last year. And Diane, as we all learned when you were here for our special violence summit, getting guns off the street is a priority. Police tell us so far this year, his officers have seized more than 3,400 guns. Diane? This ongoing story. Thank you so much, Alex.

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{"id":24460039,"title":"Deadly Holiday Weekend in Chicago","duration":"2:09","description":"At least a dozen killed and 82 people wounded by gunfire in Chicago.","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-holiday-weekend-chicago-24460039","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}