Deadly plane crash leaves 2 dead

A cargo plane in Ohio ran into trouble after takeoff and flew through power lines, which left a neighborhood without power, before crashing into a front yard.
2:13 | 01/22/19

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Transcript for Deadly plane crash leaves 2 dead
And we begin this evening with the deadly plane crash in Ohio. An meteorologist onboard an cargo plane shortly after takeoff, then crashing into a neighborhood and coming forever close to homes there. Nearby, broken power lines, the plane clipping them on the way down. Two pilots were killed. And ABC's senior transportation correspondent David Kerley is on the scene in Ohio tonight. Reporter: The hunt for clues tonight into why this plane suddenly slammed into a quiet Ohio neighborhood, within feet of crashing into homes. There's pieces of debris up against the house and things. And we're very lucky nothing went through. Very lucky that maybe the trees stopped them from going into the house. Reporter: It was a World War ii-era cargo plane taking off at 9:00 this morning from an airstrip less than a quarter mile away, clipping power lines, then smashing into the ground. There will be two victims, checking on life flight. Reporter: The victims, the two pilots onboard killed. Nobody on the ground hurt, but the images from the scene, chilling. He just advised that it was a large aircraft. Reporter: Debris from the 32-seat aircraft scattered the front end of the aircraft, completely torn off. The fuselage, everything has been torn off. The plane is actually wide open at this point. I've never felt a force inside the house that strong where it shook the house. Reporter: Electricity knocking out power. With the bitter cold, complicating the recovery effort. This map showing two d.c.-3s parked at the airfield. This plane, built in 1942, was reportedly en route to the Anton Akron airport for engine testing. The d.c.-3 was a great airplane, but this airplane was 75 years old. It was an antique. And when things that that old, they tend to break, sometimes in catastrophic ways. So, let's get to David Kerley, live from the scene in Ohio. And David, I know the NTSB, the FAA would normally be sending teams immediately there to investigate, but tonight, they're not on their way right away? Reporter: They are not. At this point, neither the NTSB nor the FAA are sending teams to investigate this collision and this crash, as you see right behind me, David. The reason? The government shutdown. David? We're going to more on that in a moment.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"A cargo plane in Ohio ran into trouble after takeoff and flew through power lines, which left a neighborhood without power, before crashing into a front yard.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"60530603","title":"Deadly plane crash leaves 2 dead","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-plane-crash-leaves-dead-60530603"}