Deadly storm system leaves trail of destruction

From Texas to South Carolina more than a dozen reported tornadoes swept the South.
2:24 | 01/13/20

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Transcript for Deadly storm system leaves trail of destruction
And we begin tonight with the deadly storms in the midwest and the south. Confirmed tornadoes from Texas to South Carolina, along with snow, ice and rain. At least 12 people have been killed. A twister, take a look at this, ripping homes apart in Corley, Arkansas. Debris scattered in every direction. A confirmed ef-2 tornado causing heavy damage to a high school in Kershaw county, South Carolina. School buses -- you see them here -- slamming into each other, and major accidents reported across Illinois. Slick roads causing crashes on several other highways. Back-to-back storms now building in the west and freezing temperatures about to make their return. ABC's Kaylee Hartung is in a hard hit area of Louisiana leading us off. Reporter: Tonight the trail of destruction after a massive and deadly storm system swept across the country. Tragically, at least 12 people killed including 2 first responders. More than a dozen reported tornadoes from Texas to south Carolina. Homes and schools torn to pieces. A devastating tornado outside Columbia, South Carolina. 130-mile-an-hour winds tearing the roof off this school sending school buses slamming into each other. Powerful winds badly damaging this middle school in Louisiana. The roof was ripped clean off and crews are working tirelessly to put in a temporary cover before kids return to school on Tuesday. In Haughton, people picking up the pieces after a deadly tornado hit in the middle of the night. Terrified residents huddling together for safety. How many of you were together? It was four of us together including my baby. In the bathtub? In the bathtub with a mattress over our head. Reporter: New video showing tornado damage in Alabama where three people were killed. They were nice people. They were all three were nice people. Reporter: In Troy, Ohio, powerful winds tearing the roof off this building. This wall ripped off the side of a store in Georgia. Icy road conditions in Arkansas causing semis to lose control. The same system dumping nearly nine inches of snow in Maine. All right, Kaylee Hartung joins us now from the scene in Haughton, Louisiana, and, Kaylee, the deadly tornado you were covering was on the ground for 40 miles. Reporter: That's right, Tom. It killed a married couple in their home tearing it off its foundation in front of me flipping it 50 yards behind me. Trees are down all around us and tonight this community is trying to clean up the mess left behind. Tom. A violent weekend for so many millions across the country. Kaylee, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"From Texas to South Carolina more than a dozen reported tornadoes swept the South.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"68234535","title":"Deadly storm system leaves trail of destruction","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-storm-system-leaves-trail-destruction-68234535"}