Deadly Winter Storms Hit Both US Coasts This Weekend

Snow and Ice on the East coast, heavy rain on the West coast.
3:47 | 01/09/17

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Transcript for Deadly Winter Storms Hit Both US Coasts This Weekend
ruining travel plans for thousands. I wanted to meet my grandson and be at his christening, but I'm gonna miss that. Reporter: And it's not over yet for weary travelers, with many freezing tonight, roads could see a refreeze. Tom? Thank you. The second major system is in the west. The major storm slamming the coast, some areas bracing for possibly the worst flooding in years. ABC's senior meteorologist rob Marciano is in napa valley. Reporter: Tonight, extreme weather carving a deadly path up the west coast. Heavy rain swamping California, stranding drivers, firefighters having to use their bare hands to get this SUV upright. This taxi in Oakland sliding off the road into an estuary, the driver pulled from the car would later die. Yosemite national park, closed. A mandatory evacuation issued as the Sierra river rises too. It makes me a little nervous, gives me anxiety. Reporter: Residents stacking sand bags, and bracing for major flash flooding and mudslides. Overnight, slides already blocking the highway into Santa Cruz. The atmospheric river has arrived here, and the rain has just been relentless all day long. And the winds to 61 miles per hour in San Francisco. Trees toppling into roof tops in nearby Marin county. And in San Ramon, one woman killed by a tree on a golf course. I thought you would hear it or see something happening. Rrp it happened in an instant like this tree falling on the road we were traveling on, the same storm spreading ice over Oregon, turning I-5 into a skating rink. Roads there littered with jackknifed semis. Rob Marciano joins us from a flooded vineyard in napa valley. What is the latest in the forecast? Lrtd, we're having issues with rob Marciano -- It shouldn't be part of the napa river but it is. The river came up 12 feet in 12 hours today and there's more coming. Take a look at the forecast. The curlicue system here. And southern California, drift down to the south and the warmer air will melt ice in Oregon and another system behind it Tuesday to Wednesday, might have just as strong winds. That will be a problem and it will drop snow levels. Another batch of rain expected and a foot of rain on top of what we already have here. Rob, thank you. Next tonight, new images of the deadly airport shooting in ft. Lauderdale. Video by TMZ shows the suspect walking through baggage claim, appearing to fire at random. Five people killed. The alleged gunman due in court tomorrow. His family says the FBI could have prevented the shooting, saying authorities missed the warning signs. Tonight what our chief investigative reporter Brian Ross is finding out about that alleged shooter and ISIS. Reporter: The attack came without warning, as seen on this airport surveillance video, obtained by TMZ. 26-year-old Esteban Santiago pulls out his pistol and opens fire. Passengers run for cover as Santiago moves out of camera range, through the baggage claim section, where police say he emptied his nine millimeter semi-automatic handgun, and then reloaded once, and killing five people and injured six more. Tonight, the question is why a man who told the FBI he was hearing voices about ISIS, thought the government had put a chip in his head, was able to keep his gun even after being hospitalized for a mental examination. The gun was taken away from him. It was given back after he was cleared. Reporter: A question put to the Broward county sheriff Scott Israel. Do you think he should have had that gun? Well, no. Reporter: There are also

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"Snow and Ice on the East coast, heavy rain on the West coast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44640486","title":"Deadly Winter Storms Hit Both US Coasts This Weekend","url":"/WNT/video/deadly-winter-storms-hit-us-coasts-weekend-44640486"}