Deep Freeze For 65 Million Americans

20 states bracing for record cold, wind chills with dangerous road conditions.
1:06 | 02/11/16

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Transcript for Deep Freeze For 65 Million Americans
To the polar vortex in the Arctic air sinking south tonight the deep freeze on the way for 65 million Americans sub zero temperatures twenty states in fact. Bracing for record cold and extreme wind chills. Images are already coming in tonight dangerous roads outside Cleveland pipes are bursting a water main break in Scranton Pennsylvania. Even Florida at car window and Melbourne covered in frost. Let's get right to meteorologist rob Marciano tracking it all rob you were saying the wind chills would this. And it really rough it's going to be dangerous and we've been jammed up in this pattern is gonna release even more cold air he record Britney some case to the west. And the cold air to the east. And that cold Arctic stuff really are come down across a Great Lakes Saturday daytime highs three Minneapolis eleven in Chicago. An overnight Saturday into Sunday morning the court of the cold air gets to the northeast. It of these zero lightly New York if that's the case at the Kohl as we've seen since 94 but these are the wind chills this is what will feel like minus 22 Sunday morning New York. 36 below in Albany that is dangerous cold David try not to go outside too much if you do copper up entirely certainly protect your pets and your pipes your home and check on the neighbors rob thank you.

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{"id":36877077,"title":"Deep Freeze For 65 Million Americans ","duration":"1:06","description":"20 states bracing for record cold, wind chills with dangerous road conditions.","url":"/WNT/video/deep-freeze-65-million-americans-36877077","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}