Demands for justice continue across nation

Protests continue over the death of George Floyd while in police custody.
4:50 | 06/08/20

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Transcript for Demands for justice continue across nation
We begin tonight with demands for justice across America nearly two weeks after the death of George Floyd in police custody. There were powerful scenes of solidarity today protesters in the nation's capital line in unison on the street now between that massive black lives matter mural. Aerial image issue and a large demonstration against racism in Denver the tension between police and protesters once at a boiling point appearing to call. But there are new calls for police accountability. After disturbing body cam video captured a white police officer in Fairfax Virginia using a stun gun to take down a black man flick called for help. That officer now facing charges. And new dimension to fund the police tonight National Guard members are starting to pull out of Washington DC. And Los Angeles president trump warning they can quote quickly return if needed. It all comes with the two day public viewing set for tomorrow in Floyd's hometown of Houston with presumptive democratic nominee Joseph Biden expected to meet with Lloyd's family. ABC Zachary quiche leads our coverage from Minneapolis. Tonight with the country in turmoil hundreds of thousands of Americans are protesting against systematic racism in police brutality. This is new video emerges of police officers allegedly using excessive force. In Fairfax Virginia video from an officer's body camera shows. One man calmly talking to a black man who appears to be disoriented. A white officer than arrived using his stun gun several times. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than what we've seen this video. We have an obligation to meet their standards and have an obligation to make sure that justice is served. The officer then puts his knee on the man's back in stunts him again in the neck. The men saying he could not breathe yeah. In Saint Louis an officer has been suspended in two others placed on leave. After bring security camera captured video showing the officer kidding and aren't armed black men. With an unmarked car the FBI is now investigating. Police say the man fit the description of a suspect wanted in connection with shots fired outside the police department. But in some cases officers have been the target of attacks as well. The NYPD releasing this video of the suspects wanted for torching in NYPD band during protest in Brooklyn. No officers were hurt but the van was destroyed. Tonight there are growing oh Christ to cut police funding. In Minneapolis at the site of George Floyd's homicide this city's mayor showing up to offer support to protesters. When the huge crowd confronts him. I know you can't. Yeah. My name. May your Jacob drive responds that he's against abolishing his police fools. The crowd boos then forces him to leave the demonstration. Just outside the White House that what is now known as black lives matter pleasant protesters adding. In today in New York City mayor bill the blood you announcing a wave of reforms including. Pulling funds from the nation's largest police fools I want to make a statement of principle right now. That we will be moving funding from of the NYPD. To youth initiatives and social services. The acting head of the Department of Homeland Security stuff that cut back saying. More money is needed for training. It's an absurd. Assertion if you're concerned about needing to reform different police departments are law enforcement agency don't do that by slashing budgets. It makes no sense to me I think it's a very. Political statement to make but it does not protect our communities at the end of the day. Tonight those mostly peaceful protests continue large crowds and Boston Philadelphia and our Stephanie Ramos in New York City. But the protesters. In the streets of new. And it didn't hear that can't. Just as now. What is happening all over the country Zachary joins us now live from the memorial. We're George Floyd died in Zachary. But what we saw what happened with the Minneapolis mayor there in your piece in some breaking news coming in tonight. This announcement just in the Minneapolis City Council has announced. Their intent to disband the police department. That's. Right Tom here's the statement that was just released saying our system of policing is not keeping communities safe. And our efforts if incremental reform have failed now. The mayor wants to keep the police force intact so it's not known if and when it this dismantling won't happen. Tom Zachary he's leading assault with that breaking news tonight Zachary think you.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Protests continue over the death of George Floyd while in police custody. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"71124181","title":"Demands for justice continue across nation","url":"/WNT/video/demands-justice-continue-nation-71124181"}