Derek Jeter's All Star Life

After 20 years as a Yankee, the captain of the team says goodbye with a single and a tip of his baseball cap.
1:59 | 09/26/14

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Transcript for Derek Jeter's All Star Life
A finally tonight here, our person of the week. A Hollywood ending only a kid could dream up. You might know who we are going to pick. A lanky kid from a small town in America who last night watched his dream come true. Who is our person of the week. We have been watching him for 20 years. And even if you're not a Yankee man, you have respect for the captain, whose final home game was last night and it all came down to this. He will take the field for the final time. Reporter: Jeter's last game at Yankee stadium. And the fans chanting, thank you, Derek. You can see the face. What it was like that in moment. I'm thinking, what are you thanking me for? I'm just trying to do my job. They're the ones I want to thank. He began like so many of us, a scrawny kid. And the scrawny kid, transforming right before our eyes. And that brings up Jeter. And tonight, we learned what was going through his mind in that moment, crouched down with his bat. Don't cry. And then the captain steps up for the last time. Base hit to right field. Derek Jeter, ends his final game with a walk off single. A roar in the crowd, one more quiet moment. I wanted to take one last out of body experience. His classic tip of the hat rerned by more than 50,000 fans. And one fan in particular, his nephew paying tribute to Derek. It was above and beyond anything I dreemd of. I lived a dream. So we choose Derek Jeter. We loved seeing his nephew last

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{"id":25794328,"title":"Derek Jeter's All Star Life","duration":"1:59","description":"After 20 years as a Yankee, the captain of the team says goodbye with a single and a tip of his baseball cap.","url":"/WNT/video/derek-jeters-star-life-25794328","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}