New Details On Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Emerge

Investigators explore shooter's history, motives behind the deadly rampage.
2:47 | 09/17/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Details On Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Emerge
We begin tonight with the new details pouring in about the mental history of the man who opened fire yesterday, killing so many workers at the washington navy yard. We are studying these pictures tonight of aaron alexis showing what his friends say they saw, someone smiling, unthreatening. We now know there is evidence he was hearing voices, had even reached out for help, a warning sign that may have been missed. We begin our team coverage with abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas. Reporter: Law enforcement tells abc news that aaron alexis was a ticking time bomb. In recent days, descending toward madness. ON AUGUST 7th, AT 6:00 AM, Alexis called the newport police in rhode island and began a bizarre tale -- documented in a police report obtained by abc news. He claimed after an argument at a virginia airport, an unidentified person had -- "sent three people to follow him and to keep him awake by talking to him and sending vibrations to his body" through a "microwave machine." He switched hotels three times that night, trying to escape the voices. Newport authorities contacted naval station police, but it is unclear if the military took any action. Today fbi officials would not talk about alexis's mental state. Was he seeking psych treatment? I can't comment on that. Reporter: Friends never thought he was dangerous. Right now, I'm really crushed inside because it just wasn't the aaron that I knew that would do this. Reporter: Overnight, the fbi spent four hours with his parents in new york city and authorities seized his rental car in washington and began pouring over his laptop, recovered at his washington hotel where he'd been staying. Alexis's last ten years is story of gun play, run-ins with the law and trouble with his military commanders. It began in 2004, when he fired shots into the tires of a construction worker's car in a fit of rage. Prosecutors say police never passed long the case. His problems continued. He was cited for at least eight military infractions -- from 2007 to 2011 ranging from unexcused absences to insubordination. In 2008, alexis was arrested in georgia for disorderly conduct. Two years later, he was accused of firing his gun into the ceiling of his apartment. Despite all this -- alexis went to work for a government computer contractor at the washington navy yard, using a secret security clearance he had received after joining the navy. He came to the d.C. Area on august 25, only 17 days after hearing those voices. Tonight poem is ordering a study of security across all federal agencies.

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{"id":20286671,"title":"New Details On Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis Emerge","duration":"2:47","description":"Investigators explore shooter's history, motives behind the deadly rampage.","url":"/WNT/video/details-navy-yard-shooter-aaron-alexis-emerge-20286671","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}