Details of Va. Sen. Creigh Deeds' Stabbing

Deed's son allegedly stabbed his father in the head and chest and then shot and killed himself.
2:30 | 11/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Details of Va. Sen. Creigh Deeds' Stabbing
We do begin with that bizarre and terrifying drama that unfolded today. A father and well known lawmaker stabbed a number of times, rushed to the hospital. Doctors racing to save his life. Creigh deeds, 55 years old, a democrat from virginia who stood shoulder to shoulder with presidents past and present. Tonight who would target him. Sadly it turns out investigators aren't looking far beyond the home. Here's abc's national correspondent jim avila. Reporter: They were just two people in the house, the few profile virginia state senator creigh deeds whon 2009 was a candidate for governor and his son gus. Authorities believe an early morning fight in this home left the father and son battling for life. The elder deeds, 55, was stabbed multiple times in the head and chest. His son still alive when authorities arrived had been shot. State police saying today it looks like the gunshot was self-inflicted. We are looking into this as an attempted murder and suicide. Reporter: Still bleeding from his head and chest and his son dying in the house on the hill, the senator walked down a long driveway and then toward the highway, 75 yards. Where he was discovered by his cousin who took him to his house and 911 was called. The senator was air lifted to university virginia hospital about 90 miles away where he's in fair condition and has spoken to investigators. His son died of his wounds before he could be transferred. Adding to the mystery of what happened here, the senator and his son were described as close. According to the richmond times dispatch, gus was the subject of an emergency custody order just yesterday which compelled him to submit to a mental health valuation. Doctors wanted to hold him longer but the times dispatch was told there were no besds available in the western part of the state. Health fishs would not confirm that but said under no circumstances could a person be held involuntarily. State police were asked about the report late today. State law prohibits us from acknowledging any kind of emergency detention order or temporary detention order. Reporter: The local sheriff told reporters he knew gus well. No problems at all with gus. He's a super nice kid. Reporter: What police don't know or won't say what the motive behind this attack may have been. They have said from the beginning they are looking for no other suspects. Jim, thank you.

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{"id":20944757,"title":"Details of Va. Sen. Creigh Deeds' Stabbing","duration":"2:30","description":"Deed's son allegedly stabbed his father in the head and chest and then shot and killed himself.","url":"/WNT/video/details-va-sen-creigh-deeds-stabbing-20944757","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}