'Dirty Brigades': Iraqi Forces Investigated for War Crimes

ABC News uncovers images of alleged horrifying atrocities on social media linked to Iraqi units.
2:22 | 03/12/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Dirty Brigades': Iraqi Forces Investigated for War Crimes
We turn overseas this evening and to an ABC news exclusive in the fight against Isis. You've seen the images, unspeakable brutality. The Orange jumpsuits there. But tonight, another group now under the microscope. The Iraqi forces. Some of them leading the charge against Isis, trained and funded by U.S. Taxpayers. But questions about their tactics now. Are some of them as brutal as Isis and are Americans paying for it? ABC's chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross tonight. Reporter: This video shows two unarmed Iraqi civilians pleading for their lives, begging not Isis, but the very forces the U.S. Is counting on to stop Isis. The video, slowed down, shows men with u.s.-supplied weapons. This freeze frame catches a soldier with the insignia of the Iraqi special forces. They watch, but do not stop what is about to happen. The two villagers are killed. And the gunmen open fire on the pile of bodies. The disturbing video is just one of dozens of such images discovered by ABC news on social media sites connected to elite units of the Iraqi army and the militias who fight alongside them. And what we're seeing here is a brazen, proud display of these terrible crimes. Reporter: In this video of a prisoner being tortured, U.S. Supplied weapons can be seen in the background. Other images show men in what appear to be Iraqi army uniforms celebrating right after a civilian has been beheaded. This is the uniform of the Iraqi special forces. Reporter: Retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel James gavrilis helped train the Iraqi forces. This is an absolute failure of our security policy for Iraq. Reporter: Iraqi army units are now being trained by 3,000 American troops and provided with $1.5 billion in U.S. Weapons. We show what we found to the Iraqi army spokesman and he promised a full investigation. We do not allow any bad behavior from our soldiers. Reporter: But U.S. Officials say that in the end, it will be America that has to answer for any alleged war crimes. I guarantee you, ultimately, we get blamed for it. Reporter: And tonight, U.S. Officials say they, too, are investigating the allegations and the Pentagon items ABC news tonight that in the last six months, it has cut off money for certain units of the Iraq kill army, our allies, based on what were termed gross human rights violations. The U.S. Government now investigating.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"ABC News uncovers images of alleged horrifying atrocities on social media linked to Iraqi units.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"29570518","title":"'Dirty Brigades': Iraqi Forces Investigated for War Crimes","url":"/WNT/video/dirty-brigades-iraqi-forces-investigated-war-crimes-29570518"}