Near Disaster Between Two Commercial Jetliners

Officials are investigating why two flights came within eight football fields of each other at Bush Intercontinental Airport.
1:32 | 07/05/14

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Transcript for Near Disaster Between Two Commercial Jetliners
To the southwest now and some tense moments in the skies over Texas. A near disaster between two commercial jetliners. An investigation is under way with officials piecing details together tonight. ABC's Jeff Zeleny now with the latest. Reporter: Another close call in the skies. This time, near Houston. A Singapore airlines jumbo jet and a delta airbus nearly colliding. Okay, well, we need to deviate. All right, do what you need to do, sir. Reporter: That pilot on delta flight 2443 on approach from Salt Lake City, taking evasive action. Rapidly descending after the Singapore flight came too close. Singapore, you are not authorized to climb. You're probably going to have to call back to the facility now. I know. Reporter: It happened two nights ago. The second near miss in the last six weeks at bush intercontinental airport. In may, two united jets nearly collided while both were taking off. The FAA is still investigating, but says the pilot of the Singapore jet did not level off as required. Came kind of close, shook everybody up here. Reporter: One official familiar with the investigation tells ABC news tonight, the planes were less than eight football fields and only a few seconds apart. You take anything like this that happens as a major occurrence. Reporter: But in this case, the system worked. Air traffic control noticed the pilot's error and prevented what could have been a deadly tragedy. Rebecca? A very close call. Jeff Zeleny, thank you.

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{"id":24440293,"title":"Near Disaster Between Two Commercial Jetliners","duration":"1:32","description":"Officials are investigating why two flights came within eight football fields of each other at Bush Intercontinental Airport.","url":"/WNT/video/disaster-commercial-jetliners-24440293","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}