Disney Temporarily Closes Beaches After Alligator Tragedy

The resort is conducting a "swift and thorough review" and is increasing the number of signage and warnings.
2:43 | 06/17/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Disney Temporarily Closes Beaches After Alligator Tragedy
We do move on now, and to the alligator attack at Disney world. That 2-year-old boy who was pulled into the water by an alligator. His body found after a 16-hour search. Lane graves was visiting with his family from Nebraska, and playing in the shallow water outside their hotel. Tonight, beaches in the park are closed, and Disney now says there will be new signs warning of alligators. ABC's gio Benitez is just outside the park tonight. Reporter: Tonight, just days after an alligator attacked and killed 2-year-old lane graves at a Disney world resort, change is coming. ABC news learning the company is expected to post new signs warning of alligators. The resort has "No swimming" signs, but no signs warning of alligators. Disney saying in a statement, "All of our beaches are currently closed, and we are conducting a swift and thorough review of all of our processes and protocols. This includes the number, placement and wording of our signage and warnings." This, after that tragedy Tuesday night, when the 2-year-old was playing in ankle-deep water at Disney's grand floridian resort. A gator grabbed him and pulled him into the water. His parents rushing to help, but the gator was just too powerful. The boy's body found the next day. Late today, the family asking for prove say, saying, quote, "Words cannot describe the shock and grief our family is experiencing over the loss of our son." Members of their parish back in Nebraska in mourning. They were careful. It was a tragic accident, one that could happen to me, to you, anybody out there. Reporter: Today, they are still scouring those waters near the resort. Five gators have already been found and are being examined. We're going to look at the five alligators we have already taken and we're going to compare things like bite marks. There is a good chance we already have the alligator. Reporter: Disney world does have gator warnings in some parts of the property, but not at their beaches. This photo, posted on Facebook by another family shows their little boy in the same ankle-deep water where lane was snatched by that gator. Taken less than an hour before the tragic accident. And this. An alligator. Reporter: Another family spotting a gator in the water, just two weeks ago in that same lagoon. Tonight, experts say signage is necessary. We get people come here from all over the world, even other states and there's no alligators where they live. So, for them to go out at the lake at 8:30, 9:00 at night right before dark and, you know, it's nothing. There's no gators in their Lakes. We have them here. Signs should be out, I think. Reporter: And David, tonight, no word on when those beaches will reopen, because they are very much at the center of this investigation. David? Gio Benitez with us again tonight from Disney.

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{"duration":"2:43","description":"The resort is conducting a \"swift and thorough review\" and is increasing the number of signage and warnings.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"39921481","title":"Disney Temporarily Closes Beaches After Alligator Tragedy","url":"/WNT/video/disney-temporarily-closes-beaches-alligator-tragedy-39921481"}