District Attorney and Wife Gunned Down at Family Home

Investigators say shooting "not a random act," as links sought to earlier law enforcement murders
4:40 | 03/31/13

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Transcript for District Attorney and Wife Gunned Down at Family Home
story here this evening, a texas district attorney and his wife, murdered in cold blood. The latest in a string of cases, authorities say, members of law enforcement targeted and killed. In this newest case, the couple was gunned down inside their texas home. The husband and wife found dead in two different parents of the house. DISTRICT ATTORNEY mark McLelland and his wife, cynthia. What's not known tonight is if these cases are, in fact, related, but authorities are working quickly to try to answer that question. We have two reports here this evening, beginning with abc's john schriffen, who is in that texas community tonight. Reporter: Tonight, investigators are scrambling to solve a murder mystery. Last night, kaufman county DISTRICT ATTORNEY mike McLelland and his wife cynthia were gunned down in their home. Unnerving to the community at large. And that's why we're striving to, you know, assure the community that we are still providing public safety. Reporter: Shortly after 6:00 saturday night, a 911 call came in. It was a brazen attack. Acco abc affiliate wfaa, sources say the couple's door had been kicked in. Roughly 14 rounds were fired from a high powered assault rifle. The district attorney was found in the hallway. His wife, by the front door. Authorities locked down the neighborhood, combing for clues before removing the bodies this morning. We've never had anything like this happen before and for it to happen so close to home, it's very scary. Reporter: It comes just two MONTHS after McLelland's assistant district attorney, mark hasse, was gunned down in broad daylight, steps from the courthouse. AT THE TIME, McLELLAND VOWED TO Get justice. We're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in, we're going to bring you back and let the people of kaufman county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. Reporter: In the weeks FOLLOWING, McLELLAND ARMED Himself and had security following him around. The question everyone wants answered? Are these high profile murders connected? I can't say that. We have nothing indicating that for sure. Reporter: This latest murder comes just two weeks after the murder of colorado prisons chief tom clements at his home. His wife survived. And I were watching tv and our doorbell rang. And my life was forever changed. r: POLICE BELIEVE Clements was killed by a member of a colorado white supremacist prison gang, 211. Investigators here in texas say they have no evidence of gang involvement in the murder of the McLELLANDS. But texas district attorneys had been warned late last year that members of another white supremacist group, aryan brotherhood of texas, could seek revenge after dozens of gang members were indicted in november. If you knew something, and you came forward, you can't go back to what you were before. You're going to have to totally change who you are, what you do, where you live. Reporter: That's why the reward is so high, $100,000. That is why. Reporter: To calm the fears of the people of this small texas town, authorities say they will be beefing up security. And not just for high profile officials, for everyone, especially here at the courthouse when it reopens. David? John schriffen tonight, thank you. I want to bring in abc senior justice correspondent pierre this case on this easter sunday. And pierre, first, you had this assistant d.A. Targeted, now the d.A. And his wife both murdered. They have got to be worried about some sort of bigger plan here. Reporter: David, they really are. This is unprecedented. You have two men working in the same office, it was only weeks ago that the lead prosecutor was vowing to find out who killed one of his principle deputies. Now, he's dead. So, law enforcement officials including the fbi, u.S. Marshals and atf are down there, trying to assist police in this unfolding mystery. And of course, there's the other question about the prison chief in colorado who was also targeted and whether or not all three cases could be linked. Reporter: Well, they're looking at everything. No stone is going to be left unturned.In fact, you'll recall that there was a shootout a couple days after that prison chief was killed in texas. And they're now looking to see if there's any link between these cases, because that particular shootout occurred only about 100 miles from where these recent killings in texas just occurred. And we know both states are in fact talking to one another tonight. But pierre, you have covered this beat for a very long time. Can you remember a time when so many prosecutors, so many lawmen were targeted within just a few weeks of one another? Reporter: I can't recall anything quite like this. You had three public officials, senior public officials who work in the law enforcement community killed in a span of a couple months. It's really unusual.

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{"id":18851279,"title":"District Attorney and Wife Gunned Down at Family Home","duration":"4:40","description":"Investigators say shooting \"not a random act,\" as links sought to earlier law enforcement murders","url":"/WNT/video/district-attorney-wife-gunned-family-home-18851279","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}