Diver Dead From Free Diving

Popular sport takes people deep underwater with no equipment and a lot of risk.
2:03 | 11/18/13

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Transcript for Diver Dead From Free Diving
And next here tonight, a fearless athlete diving deep into the water with no equipment, just a powerful set of lungs and a lot of risk. Matt gutman on what happened in the extreme sport where he pushed his body to do more. Reporter: He was the first american to break the 100 meter mark 328 feet down on a single gulp of air. By day he worked as a prop master on movie and tv sets. Beneath the waves he was the star. When it came to being in the water, that was where I really shine. Reporter: On sunday at the dean's hole in the bahamas he was obtaining another record, deeper than the statue of liberty is tall, this time without fins. As he had done so many times in the past, this human fish pro pelg him past the 200 foot mark. Officials say he seemed to hit trouble at 223 feet and seemed to turn back but instead he dove down again into the darkness. After three and a half minutes this photo shows him reach the surface. Seconds later he lost consciousness and would never redpan it. While increasingly popular it's one of the most deadliest sports. I got to try it in the kayman islands, first learning to hold my breath. See my body heaving? Divers learn to ignore the pain. That's at the surface, diving to depths squeeze your lungs. They go from the size of a football to the size of a tennis ball. He knew that at those depths any misstep could be fatal. Never take a dive for granted. You don't know what dive is going to be your last. Reporter: Matt gutman, abc news, miami.

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{"id":20930849,"title":"Diver Dead From Free Diving","duration":"2:03","description":"Popular sport takes people deep underwater with no equipment and a lot of risk.","url":"/WNT/video/diver-dead-free-diving-20930849","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}