Donald Trump Puts US Intelligence Agencies in the Hot Seat

Trump has called America's intelligence agencies into question for concluding Russia waged a cyberattack on the U.S. during the election.
4:03 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Donald Trump Puts US Intelligence Agencies in the Hot Seat
Good evening it's great to have you with us here to Thursday night and the war of words erupting on Capitol Hill president elect Donald Trump. Has taken aim at the US intelligence community after they are unanimous finding. That the Russians were behind the hacking during the election. Tonight the intelligence community which has been silent silent no longer marching up to Capitol Hill today calling the criticism from Donald Trump disparagement. It was a few days ago when asked about the Russian hacking the president elect said I know things other people don't know and promised to reveal it. Nothing yet for mr. trump on that but tonight we are now hearing from the intelligence community ABC's Mary Bruce is on the hill tonight. Under fire from Donald Trump the Director of National Intelligence came to Capitol Hill today to make his hate us. You got it easy don't trust his questioning that's intelligence. No answer trump has repeatedly attacked America's intelligence agencies for concluding brush out hacked Democrats in an attempt to influence the election. They have no idea that you Russia what China. Or somebody could be somebody sitting in a bid someplace doubling down on New Year's CI also another thing that. Yeah so they can not be sure. But today intelligence director James clapper says he's now more sure than ever. It was Russia who actually is the benefactor. As someone who is about to become coming injuring chief. Trashing the intelligence community are sick there is an important distinction here between. Healthy skepticism. Which. Policy makers to include policy maker number one. Should always have for intelligence but I think there's a difference between. The skepticism and disparagement. As trump questions American intelligence he praises Russia's Vladimir Putin's. And he seized on comments from Julian Assange the head of WikiLeaks who made public the hacked emails from tweeting Julian Assange said a fourteen year old could've been behind the hack. Also said Russians did not give him the in fellow. Clapper asked today about Assange. Do you think that there's any credibility we should attach to this individual. Monitor who was from some senators that outrage when it comes down to a choice. Between your people our intelligence agencies. And Julian Assange. We're on your team every time. Today perhaps sensing the political fallout prompt changing his tune. Tweeting that dishonest media alike saying that I am in agreement with Julian Assange wrong. I simply state what he states it's for the people to make up their own minds as to the truth. Adding he's a quote big fan of intelligence and yeah your mind to rest his. Don't go down. Republican senator Lindsey Graham says the president elect has to face the facts that rushes up to no good do you hope the president elect is watching what's going on in his hearing. When he watches a lot of TV hoping is at but the main thing is helping a listen even some of Trump's supporters are having a hard time defending him. Think Donald Trump continues to question US intelligence I can't answer that you have to ask don't trump do you believe that Russia was behind the hacking. Asked are you concerned that Donald Trump doesn't it. Thank you sir are. And Mary Bruce with a slide on Capitol Hill tonight we've another breaking development on this front. We're coming in now of a major defection from the trump transition team involving a well known member of the intelligence community. David ABC news just confirming that former CIA director James woolsey's is leaving the trump transition team he was a key advisor during the campaign. And his spokesman now saying in a statement that affective immediately Woolsey will no longer be a senior advisor to the president elect. But that he wishes trump and his administration. Great success in office David rivers slot on Capitol Hill leading a soft Mary.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Trump has called America's intelligence agencies into question for concluding Russia waged a cyberattack on the U.S. during the election.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"44586379","title":"Donald Trump Puts US Intelligence Agencies in the Hot Seat","url":"/WNT/video/donald-trump-puts-us-intelligence-agencies-hot-seat-44586379"}