2 Double Decker Buses Crash in NYC

Eyewitnesses recount what the mayhem in Times Square that injured 14 people.
3:10 | 08/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2 Double Decker Buses Crash in NYC
But first the chaotic scene still unfolding at this hour in New York's times square where millions of families visit every year as you know. Two double Deckers involved in a crash at the cross roads of the world. Teeming with tourists not far from where you line up to get Broadway tickets. Passengers stunned, downed lamp posts, one bus crashing into another. There were more than a dozen injured, most of them pedestrians who had been walking on the sidewalk. ABC's Ryan smith is there tonight and he leads us off. Ryan? Reporter: Good evening, David. Right over my shoulder, the front of a tour bus nearly Dell demolished in one of the busiest intersections in the world. Chaos tonight in the beating heart of New York City, times square, right by the famous Broadway tickets booth. I saw it shoot across and I started screaming. Reporter: A blue double decker tour bus crashing into another double decker tour bus which then smashed into a lamp post, toppling it in the middle of hundreds of tourists. We were just about to cross the street and this bus trooifr, crazy, really crazy bus driver came at a very high speed and hit the lady right next to my daughter. She flew through the air and I pulled her back and we hit the pole. Yeah, that was it. Reporter: Bystanders swooping in to help the injured. This woman in red huddled over one victim. Others carried away on stretchers. This eye witness captured the bloody scene on his cell phone. I heard a big boom. I saw the pole going like tumbling down. Everybody was, like, lying down on the ground injured. People screaming, asking for help. Reporter: All of this unfolding in jam packed times square, steps from where tourists line up for tickets to Broadway shows. Five city blocks were shut down in rush hour. There are 14 injuries so far, including a child. 11 of those injured were pedestrians and not even on either bus. The buses themselves weren't crowded but three people on board were hurt. We did have one person, the tour guide had to be removed from the bus. Her head was caught under the dashboard and rescue one had to remove her. She wasn't badly injured. I was praying, hoping nobody got killed, you know what I mean? All I see is just people laying on the ground. Reporter: Police tell us the investigation is just beginning. They're going to be looking at city surveillance video in the area as well as surveillance video from private businesses to find out what really happened. David? Ryan, thank you. I want to bring in former New York City police commissioner ray Kelly. You were watching this with me here late today. You were telling me this is one of the areas of New York that concerns a police commissioner the most. Last year we had a record high of 52 million tourists coming to New York City and virtually all of them at some point made it to times square. A lot of relief tonight that the injuries weren't worse than what we saw. Absolutely. It could have been a lot more people injured and obviously the injuries could have been a lot more serious. We're thankful and we were lucky. Thank you. We're going to turn to the

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{"duration":"3:10","description":"Eyewitnesses recount what the mayhem in Times Square that injured 14 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24857779","title":"2 Double Decker Buses Crash in NYC","url":"/WNT/video/double-decker-buses-crash-nyc-24857779"}