The Victims' Stories

Names of victims of downed Malaysia Airlines flight start to emerge.
2:39 | 07/19/14

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Transcript for The Victims' Stories
We're looking for who should be accountable. Tonight, we turn to the faces of the families onboard. And to the American, a young man on the way to a family vacation. And three children saying good-bye to their parents with their grandfather. Lama Hasan with the stories behind the pictures tonight. Reporter: Emerging tonight, the faces and stories of those 298 souls lost onboard flight mh-17. We now know there was at least one American onboard. Quinn Lucas schansman. A dual Dutch citizen seen here with his girlfriend. He was on his way to meet his family for a vacation in Malaysia. An avid soccer player, his former team reeling today. "We can barely comprehend the news." And 25-year-old Dutch citizen karlijn keijzer, from Indiana university. She was a varsity rower there. Her classmate, remembering her smile -- She was always smiling. Reporter: We now know there were 80 children onboard that doomed plane. Including Evie, Otis and Mo maslin, traveling home with their grandfather to start school in Australia. Their parents still on vacation in Holland. Their aunt writing on Facebook, "I will miss you so very much. At least dad is looking out for you." And on social media today, haunting last glimpses of the victims. Dutchman Regis crolla posting this image of his boarding pass moments before takeoff. The caption, "Bali. I'm so excited! Adios, amigos." And this photo of the plane. Posted by another passenger, Cory children. Along with that now eerie message, "Should it disappear, in Australia, one family hit by an unimaginable double tragedy. A son and his wife lost when the other Malaysia airlines plane disappeared in March. Now learning their step-granddaughter was onboard flight 17. And some stunning near-misses. Barry sim and his wife got bumped from that packed flight, too few seats available. Dutchman get Jansen. His wife and their 12-year-old son, bumped too. Shocked today when they learned of their narrow escape. I was completely shocked, because that was our plane that we booked three months ago. Reporter: They set up this makeshift memorial. People trying to pay their respects, trying to deal with

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Names of victims of downed Malaysia Airlines flight start to emerge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24628872","title":"The Victims' Stories","url":"/WNT/video/downed-malaysia-airlines-flight-mh17-victims-stories-24628872"}