Illinois Congressman Under Fire for Office Decor

Rep. Aaron Schock defends his office makeover, which reminds many of the 'Downton Abbey' set.
2:11 | 02/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Illinois Congressman Under Fire for Office Decor
The lawmaker known for his workouts and his magazine cover. But tonight, he's also now known for his renovations in his office on capitol hill. Some say it's models after the TV hit, "Downton abbey." Tax payers have paid for renovations for him before. Tonight, we ask, who paid this time? Was it your money? On the case, here's ABC's Jeff Zeleny. Reporter: Tonight, one of the youngest members of come at the center of an old world firestorm. His capitol hill office, now looking a lot like TV's "Downton abbey. Dts. Do you want. Reporter: The story making news in Iowa. A century ago, royal spending was boundless. Mr. Schock is the congressman from Peoria. Reporter: This is what a typical congressional office looks like. A lot of beige. Now, this is Schock's office. Bright red, a gleaming chandelier. Just like on television. And a vals of pheasant feathers. So, who is paying for it all? In the past, he's spent nearly $100,000 of taxpayer dollars on renovations. We spent the day trying to track him down on capitol hill. Congressman, how are you? What do people back at home think about this? Well, I never have been -- Reporter: He insists the makeover was his decorators idea. You never watched the show? Never. Reporter: You are not inside this office thinking you're lord Grantham? No. Reporter: He took us inside that office, insisting he will pay for the makeover. As for the $100,000 he spent on past renovations? Is that a good use of taxpayer money? Well, obviously, I have four offices, so, part of the alotment I'm given is to hire staff, pay for office equipment, and all of that. And so, each of us have to use our best judgment on what that's used for. Reporter: Now, David, the congressman insists that he will foot the bill for that unusual office decor. And it turns out, he's not even in the top ten of the biggest spendings here on capitol hill. David? All right, Jeff Zeleny from Washington with the your money team.

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{"id":28736342,"title":"Illinois Congressman Under Fire for Office Decor","duration":"2:11","description":"Rep. Aaron Schock defends his office makeover, which reminds many of the 'Downton Abbey' set.","url":"/WNT/video/downton-abbey-illinois-congressman-fire-office-dcor-28736342","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}