Drone Seen Around the Seattle Space Needle Raises Concern

Tourists spotted something strange buzzing around the landmark.
1:43 | 07/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Drone Seen Around the Seattle Space Needle Raises Concern
work. Thanks. Now, to the mystery in seat Seattle. Something strange buzzing around the space needle. Tonight, we've learned it was a drone. We ask, who was flying it? And should anyone be allowed to fly one this close to an American landmark? Cecilia Vega has this story. Reporter: Right there, high in the Seattle skies, a drone. The FAA now telling ABC news it is looking into that tiny remote-control powered aircraft hovering above the observation deck of the famous space needle. While curious tourists waved, the mysterious flying object gave security quite a scare. Police say a man launched it right out side of his hotel window. There was no malcontent or malice. He wasn't trying to do anything wrong. Reporter: It is just the latest incident raising questions about whether it's safe to fly these drones above crowded cities. Take a look at this drone buzzing over the busy streets of New York last year. And crash landing, nearly hitting pedestrians at the height of rush hour. And there have been close calls with planes. We just saw a little drone below us. Reporter: A drone last year coming within 200 feet of a jumbo jet. Drones like these are exploding in popularity, but rules already in place for how and where they can be used haven't caught up yet. The FAA is working on new safety guidelines, but they could be two years away from taking effect. Until then, police will keep their eyes on the skies. Cecilia Vega, ABC news, los Angeles.

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{"duration":"1:43","description":"Tourists spotted something strange buzzing around the landmark.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24722376","title":"Drone Seen Around the Seattle Space Needle Raises Concern","url":"/WNT/video/drone-seattle-space-needle-raises-concern-24722376"}