Earn Extra Cash Renting Out Your Extra Room

ABC News' Amy Robach shows you how to make money from unused space at home.
2:26 | 02/04/13

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Transcript for Earn Extra Cash Renting Out Your Extra Room
There is a survey that says an average american family would like to spend about $5,000 for all four members to go on a summer vacation together. Well, what if you could start earning some of that money right now, with something in your home? Abc's amy robach helps one family earn real money right down the hall. Reporter: The norrie family lives in a four bedroom house in montclaire, new jersey, and they've been having trouble paying for their mortgage. Hi, I'm amy. Hi amy. Reporter: And this bedroom upstairs could be their ticket out. Turns out there are tens of thousands of americans renting spare rooms for big bucks. And the norrie's want to do the same. What are you hoping to get from this finically? We hope to be able to keep our house. You know, because we're very underwater, like a lot of people around here. Reporter: There are travelers with real money in their pockets, from all over the world. And no matter where you live, there's a way to sell your space. And what do you think needs to be done here to give it the look it needs to be rentable? We need things that can be done quickly and easily. Reporter: And affordably. Yeah. We're talking cheap. Reporter: Making it even more affordable, websites like stopover.Com and airbnb.Com find you the renters, help you vet them and give you insurance, all for free. But since you're competing with the pros, you still have to make your space appetizing. Interior designer cathy hobbs says there are easy tricks to transforming your spare room into a rentable oasis. Tip number one, clear out the clutter, including those family photos and personal touches. What do you think of the color? I mean, it's white. It's boring. Reporter: Tip number two, paint makes rooms feel bigger. I think this is looking pretty good already. Reporter: Tip number three, instead of buying new furniture, reuse what you already have. We found a dresser and nightstand from around the house. Close my eyes? Reporter: And just a few hours later, just look at the difference. Oh! Reporter: In fact, the whole room peoples bigger and brighter with that fresh coat of paint and new seating area. Tip number four -- home rental sites will send a professional photographer to your home to take photographs. For free. In all, we spent $239 on improvement and appraisers told us this family can make $12,55 on thi. So, now someone will come and say, I want to stay here. I hope so. Reporter: Amy robach, abc news, montclair, new jersey.

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{"id":18405096,"title":"Earn Extra Cash Renting Out Your Extra Room","duration":"2:26","description":"ABC News' Amy Robach shows you how to make money from unused space at home.","url":"/WNT/video/earn-extra-cash-renting-extra-room-18405096","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}