Edgy Outdoor Sport 'Parkour' Moves Inside To Gyms Across U.S.

Latest workout craze has you bouncing off the walls like a Hollywood daredevil.
1:44 | 09/26/13

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Transcript for Edgy Outdoor Sport 'Parkour' Moves Inside To Gyms Across U.S.
And finally tonight, the new dare devil workout, you can do it in your front yard and it's moving indoors to gyms all across the country. Abc's linzie janis shows us the new trend. Reporter: We've seen james bond do it. And jason bourne, too, even the guys from the office have spoofed it. Parkour is the daring discipline born on the streets of paris that makes a playground out of the urban jungle, whether climbing swinging or rolling, it's an art form, an expression of freedom and creativity. But it's now moving from the outdoors, inside to gyms with padded walls. Bringing a unique and intense new workout to the masses, from new jersey to colorado, to california. Here at brooklyn's beast gym, trainers say the parkour moves should be combined no a continuous movement. How do you feel about something with such rebellious roots becoming commercialized? I think it's great, honestly because it's spreeding the movement. Reporter: They say parkour is like running five miles and climbing a mountain. But how realistic is this activity for the rest of us? Sign my life away. Reporter: I gave it a try, mostly unsuccessfully. For kids it's second nature. I feel like spiderman climbing up a building. Reporter: This version of parkour gives us all the chance to bring out our interaction hero. Linzie janis, abc news, brooklyn, new york.

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{"id":20390157,"title":"Edgy Outdoor Sport 'Parkour' Moves Inside To Gyms Across U.S.","duration":"1:44","description":"Latest workout craze has you bouncing off the walls like a Hollywood daredevil.","url":"/WNT/video/edgy-outdoor-sport-parkour-moves-inside-gyms-us-20390157","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}