Elizabeth Warren bows out of presidential race

Warren, who was the last remaining top-tier female candidate, declined to endorse Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.
3:35 | 03/06/20

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Transcript for Elizabeth Warren bows out of presidential race
Elizabeth Warren dropping out of the race for president, speaking outside her came bridge, Massachusetts, home today, revealing her decision, promising she will stay in the fight. The democratic contest now a two-man race, but Warren said what she said today about endorsing when it comes to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. And Hillary Clinton making news tonight, as well. What she said about Biden. Here's ABC's Mary Bruce. Reporter: Closing out her campaign, Elizabeth Warren today spoke her mind, but revealed very little about whether she'll endorse one of her rivals. Not today. Not today. I need some space around this. And want to take a little time to think a little more. Reporter: Progressives are urging her to back Bernie Sanders, but Warren made clear she and her supporters won't be boxed in. You know, I was told at the beginning of this whole undertaking that there are two lanes. A Progressive lane that Bernie Sanders is the incumbent for and a moderate lane that Joe Biden is the incumbent for. And there's no room for anyone else in this. I thought that wasn't right, but evidently, I was wrong. Reporter: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are both now courting her supporters. And today, I would simply say to her supporters out there, of whom there are millions, we are opening the door to you. We'd love you to come onboard. Reporter: Sanders spoke to Warren today. And so did Joe Biden, who's now racking up endorsements. Hillary Clinton hasn't made it official, but she's sounding close. I think people know he is a deeply decent person. He is a kind person. He doesn't take cheap shots at people. He doesn't insult people as a way of, you know, trying to put people down and lift himself up. He is such the opposite of what we currently have in the white house. That I think -- I really think a lot of people -- you know, had a chance to think about it. Reporter: With Warren's exit, it's now a two-man race. Warren today recalling all those pinkie promises she made to little girls. One of the hardest parts of this is all those pinkie promises. And all those little girls who are going to have to wait four more years. That's going to be hard. Reporter: And she was asked what role gender played in this campaign. Gender in this race? You know, that is the trap question for every woman. If you say, "Yeah, there was sexism in this race." Everyone says, "Whiner." And if you say, "No, there was no sexism." About a bazillion women think, "What planet do you live on?" I promise you this. I will have a lot more to say on that subject later on. Some powerful words from Elizabeth Warren today. Mary Bruce with us tonight. Hillary Clinton's had warm words for Elizabeth Warren, but Joe Biden has to be pleased from what he heard about the democratic candidate in 2016, what Hillary Clinton said about him overnight. And the former vice president getting an endorsement today from Michigan's governor, Gretchen Whitmer, very popular in her state, where both Biden and Sanders are now headed. Reporter: The Michigan primary will be a critical test on Tuesday, as these candidates battle for working class voters. Now, Bernie Sanders is of course hoping for a repeat of his win there four years ago. Today, canceling a planned rally in Mississippi so he can spend more time in Michigan, instead. David, it's a clear sign he's now going all-in on the midwest. Mary Bruce, thank you. And we turn next to the

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Warren, who was the last remaining top-tier female candidate, declined to endorse Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"69421618","title":"Elizabeth Warren bows out of presidential race","url":"/WNT/video/elizabeth-warren-bows-presidential-race-69421618"}