EPA chief Scott Pruitt has resigned

After months of controversy and ethical questions, Pruitt has resigned from the agency, President Trump tweeted on Thursday.
3:45 | 07/06/18

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Transcript for EPA chief Scott Pruitt has resigned
night. I'm tllamas, in for David. Tonit, we begin with that breaking ws. The EPA F, Scott Pruitt, R resigned.esent trump stood by Pruitt aserelentlessly rolled back environmental lations, carrying out the president's agenda. But claims of legal and ethical violations mounted, about that $43,000 phone booth, first class travel, 24/7 security and use of his staff and his tion for his personal benefit. The balance finallytipped, and tonight, the president has accepted his resiion. Shuffling his cabinet one more time.c's chief white house corresponden Jonathan Karl St us off at Thi house. Reporter: He wasront a center at the white house fourth of July picnic just yesterday, now,cott Pruitt, one of the most embattled cabinet secretaries ever, is gone. His tweet announcing Pruitt's reaction as the head of the environmental protection agency, prent said, "Within the agency, Scott done an outstanding job, and I will always be thankful to hir this but pr's tenureas been beset by scandal after scanda including Ary ABC news broke earlier T year about Pruitt renting an apartment on capitol hill for just $50 aight from the wife of a lobbyist. It was liken airbnb situation. Ou only pay for the nights U spent there. Exa right. But that's a sweetheart deal. Reporter: All-told, Pruitt was facing at least 12 Sepe investigations by multip gomegencies, and was repeatedly ACC of using his position forsonal benefit. He instd $43,000 soundproof P bth in his government office he routinely took fiass fls. Spent more than 6,0 for flight aboard a military jet. He tweeted out photos of@ hlf makita and enjoying prosciutto on a trip to a conf in Italy. Eached out to the CEO of chick-fil-rying to secure a anchise for his wife. My wife is a enteneur self. I love, she loves, E love k-fil-a and it one of the best in the country. Reporter: He used his government staff to M personasks, finding him an apartment, restaurant reservations and even tryio get him a used mattress from the trump international hotel. He also personally intervened to secure two of his most loyal staffers lucrative raiover thjections of the white house. The president repeatedly praised Pruitt for slashing environmental regulations, but he expressed irrion at the scandals last month. I'm not happy about C things, but done a fantastic job running the EPA which is very overriding. But I am not happy about. Reporter: All-told, 170 members of cons, many of themepublicans, had called for Pruitt's resignation. As repubn senator Ernst put it, "He is about as swampy G here in Washington." Just ahort while ago, the president air force one said itas entirely Scott Pruitt's decision T resign. He D so bse he did not want T be a distraction. And Tom, the president CD pr a, quote, terrific guy. N,esides the news aboucottpruitt, we're monitoring N surroundinghe suprcourt, and the president ttg closer to aecision and a nominelus a primetime address? Reporter: The intews are done. White house officials that there are three leading io. Brett kavana Amy coney Barrett, Raymond kethledge. And the announcement will be in a primetimeress on my at 9:00 eastern . Tom? Primetime on Monday. Jon, thayou. Next, to thailand.and theace to free the

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"After months of controversy and ethical questions, Pruitt has resigned from the agency, President Trump tweeted on Thursday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"56393539","title":"EPA chief Scott Pruitt has resigned","url":"/WNT/video/epa-chief-scott-pruitt-resigned-56393539"}