Escalating Tensions in Syria Raise Call for US Intervention

Syrian officials call Israeli air strikes a "declaration of war"; Obama pressured to take action.
2:18 | 05/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Escalating Tensions in Syria Raise Call for US Intervention
Rising tensions after those airstrikes on Syria just as President Obama debates whether to get involved there it is widely believed Israel with air strikes of its own. Although Israel has not said anything publicly they are not denying this and some dramatic pictures overnight those rockets fired -- Damascus. Witnesses say the rockets hit the capital for hours lighting up the nighttime sky. And sending pillars of smoke into the year. This was the second attack in two days tonight one Syrian official calling it it declaration of war. And so what if anything does the White House do now. ABC's Alex walk Ortiz in Jerusalem tonight. -- On the massive fireball to rocket finds its target mobile -- Shouts of god is great as one of the military sites that Syria accuses Israel of bombing goes up in smoke. Syria said Israel struck three military targets around the capital Damascus including a research center that reportedly developed chemical weapons. Look at better and that is -- we will not accept being humiliated Syria's Information Minister said angrily he warned that the Israeli attack quote it opens the door to all possibilities. Sunday's attacks come just two days after another Israeli airstrike reportedly against a shipment of -- Iranian made missiles. Heading to the militant group Hezbollah. America's main concerns in this conflict are that advanced missiles or chemical weapons could fall into the wrong hands. That Syria's war becomes a regional war leading to a possible US intervention which would raise already dangerous tensions with Iran Israel. Didn't confirm it was behind the latest attacks but moved to a -- -- iron dome antimissile batteries into the north and just in case. Would they expect Israeli in the coming days people -- very low profile. It's because it was possible. About the incident and hopefully -- -- -- any retribution. On the street fears of retaliation were evident. You think there will be some sort of reaction from has endorsers. The -- that to you looked and -- yes. I think and I'm afraid from this. The White House today wouldn't comment directly on these latest airstrikes but reiterated that President Obama believes that Israel has the right. To stop advanced weapons from going to its enemies.

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{"id":19114528,"title":"Escalating Tensions in Syria Raise Call for US Intervention","duration":"2:18","description":"Syrian officials call Israeli air strikes a \"declaration of war\"; Obama pressured to take action.","url":"/WNT/video/escalating-tensions-syria-raise-call-us-intervention-19114528","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}