Evan Spencer Ebel Suspected in Colorado Prison Chief Murder

The 28-year-old ex-convict was involved in a high-speed chase and shootout in Texas.
2:04 | 03/22/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Evan Spencer Ebel Suspected in Colorado Prison Chief Murder
Tonight, a major new development. We told you about that colorado lawman, the husband shot in cold blood on his front porch as he answered his doorbell. Then, last night here, the shootout in texas. Authorities believe they had their suspect, they shoot and kill him. Tonight, they want to know if he was behind yet another notorious killing in broad daylight. One just a few weeks back and solved. Abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas on this fast-growing case again tonight. Reporter: Tonight, there's intense focus on this man as a possible suspect in the execution-style murder of colorado's corrections chief, tom clements. And we now learned police are investigating whether he could be tied to the high profile murlder of another law enforcement official. Police identified 28-year-old evan spencer ebel as the man who led them on a high speed chase and a shootout in texas in a car that matches the description of a vehicle seen near clements' home. In this cell phone video, you can see and hear the chaotic aftermath. The only thing that we have that connects it to colorado is, the identity of mr. Ebel being in colorado, the car with the license mraements from colorado. Reporter: Authorities are investigating whether ebel jo joined a prison gang while incarcerated in colorado. I can't speak to that in any fashion as it relates to the murder of mr. Clements. Reporter: Today, police announced the fbi's investigating if ebel is cob nexted to the murder of a texas prosecutor, gunned down in january, roughly 100 miles away from the texas shootout. Witnesses say the assistant district attorney mark hassey was executed in broad daylight by two men dressed in black s.W.A.T. Gear. White supremacists are suspected in that case, and pold toght, given the proximity, they want to see if there could be any ties. And david, more breaking news. We just got court documents say the shell casings from the texas shootout are the same brand and caliber as those found at the home of the colorado prison chief. Pierre thomas, I know you'll be following this into the night. Pierre, thank you.

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{"id":18794236,"title":"Evan Spencer Ebel Suspected in Colorado Prison Chief Murder","duration":"2:04","description":"The 28-year-old ex-convict was involved in a high-speed chase and shootout in Texas. ","url":"/WNT/video/evan-spencer-ebel-suspected-colorado-prison-chief-murder-18794236","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}