Extreme Weather Including Tornadoes and Hail Damages Neighborhoods

Dangerous and severe storms pose an elevated risk of tornadoes and flash floods in the nation's midsection.
2:47 | 04/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Extreme Weather Including Tornadoes and Hail Damages Neighborhoods
We're going to turn now to the severe weather hitting at this hour, from Texas to Michigan and moving east. 72 million Americans in the storm zone tonight. The radar at this hour showing severe storms and tornado watches. 18 states affected by it all. In Kansas tonight, jail hail cracking windshields. And, that super cell in Kansas, all part of the Sam system now tracking east ward. ABC's gio Benitez on the ground in Missouri. Reporter: David, good evening to you. The winds are really picking up here. Take a look behind me. Those clouds, a potentially dangerous storm heading right for us. Several states now in the bulls eye. Whoa! Reporter: Tonight, millions in the path of mother nature's fury. At least ten reported tornadoes and more on the way, from the midwest to the east coast. In Kansas, watch as this funnel cloud reveals more of its menacing tail. It's going to the ground. Reporter: In mineral point, Missouri, the aftermath of another storm. A sawmill completely destroyed, 70-mile-per-hour winds tearing through the area. Heavy rains flooding I-43 in Wisconsin, shutting it down, submerging these vehicles. Everything just turned sky black. Reporter: Lightning wreaking havoc, too. A bolt striking this chimney in Michigan, destroying the inside of Carl and Sheryl Rogers' home, as the couple slept in their bed. I feel like god covered us to protect us. From all of this. Reporter: Hail the size of tennis balls striking all across this region. Car windows shattering. It's no wonder this windshield didn't stand a chance. Watch again. Hail this big falls as fast as a major league fastball, about 90 miles per hour. And can be four times heavier. And the cleanup can be just as dangerous. A retired schoolteacher in Indiana losing her life, clearing brush after a storm. And back here in Missouri, we're expecting tornado watches and warnings to pop up all night long as this storm keeps moving east. David? Those clouding behind you, gio. Thank you. Let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee who said, we have about 36 hours more of this. Reporter: Right. This is not over. Weevil seen we are right in the thick of it. Let's get to the threat tonight. The area from southwest Michigan, southern Wisconsin, all the way to northeastern Texas and northern Louisiana. That's the elevated risk area for strong winds, large hail and tornadoes. We've already seen it produce more than 60 see vvere storm reports. We could see two to three inch rainfall rates with some of these storms from West Virginia back to the west. And it's not over. Then, Friday comes along, and Philadelphia to Washington, D.C., right along that I-95 corridor, afternoon and evening, you could ceci veer storms all the way back to . Ginger, thank you. Now, to a new terror arrest here at home tonight.

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{"id":30212209,"title":"Extreme Weather Including Tornadoes and Hail Damages Neighborhoods","duration":"2:47","description":"Dangerous and severe storms pose an elevated risk of tornadoes and flash floods in the nation's midsection.","url":"/WNT/video/extreme-weather-including-tornadoes-hail-damages-neighborhoods-30212209","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}