Family Faces Tough Choice Inside Lion Reserve

Family is caught in a car fire as they drive through a lion reserve inside safari park in England.
1:15 | 04/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Family Faces Tough Choice Inside Lion Reserve
They were visiting a wild life habitat. There with exotic and dangerous animals outside their windows. But then their car caught fire. Do you get out with those animals nearby? Kirit radio with the story. Reporter: If your car is on fire, it's usually a good idea to get out quickly. Unless you're here. Wild Earth! Reporter: A safari park in England, right in the middle of the lion reserve. When the car is on fire, you're stuck and you can't control it and you can't do anything about it. Reporter: Helen clements and her two young kids were faced with that impossible scenario as their car overheated and burst into flames. Even the tourist filming it from her car can't believe it. We are in the lion enclosure and there's a car on fire. Reporter: Clements tried to get out, her son tried to run off, but the park rangers stopped them. They were shouting to us, get back in the car. Do not get out the car. And it's a situation, what do you do? Reporter: The rangers rushed in. Literally as he opened the door we just jumped into his vehicle. Reporter: Everyone was scared but safe. If it was in the flamingos, we wouldn't have had the problem. But it's because it's in the lion enclosure. Reporter: At least they can laugh about it now. Kirit radio, ABC news, London.

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{"duration":"1:15","description":"Family is caught in a car fire as they drive through a lion reserve inside safari park in England.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"23401763","title":"Family Faces Tough Choice Inside Lion Reserve","url":"/WNT/video/family-faces-tough-choice-inside-lion-reserve-23401763"}