Fargo Residents Prepare for Battle Against Floods

About 100,000 sandbags have been prepped to defend homes against impending flood waters rise.
1:38 | 04/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fargo Residents Prepare for Battle Against Floods
spring rains and a rush of melting snow are threatening much of the heart land. In fargo north dakota hundreds of high school students are pitching in to fill sand bags. To protect against the rising red river. Alex perez on the flood waters and the fears rising again tonight. Reporter: All hands on deck in fargo, north dakota, 100,000 sand bags ready to go, residents keeping a close eye on the flooded red river expected to crest wednesday at 20 foot above flood level. Memories of the devastating 2009 record breaking flood still fresh here. In peoria, illinois more than 500 homes damaged by flood waters. Nikki's dream home is under water. It's got to hurt to see this. Yes. It's just the not knowing when we can come home. Reporter: Even areas protected by levies are worried. I'm standing in a flood wall in illinois. The walls are holding strong but some tell me they decided to preventatively evacuate their homes anyway because it's unclear what may happen. The big concern, the pressure on these walls, the volume of water. Too much rain in a short amount of time. All that rain turned corn fields across the midwest into lakes. 50% of the crop is supposed to be in the ground. Because of the flooding farmers are preparing for a smaller yield. This year we haven't put any corn in the ground yet. With warmer temperatures in the upper midwest there is fear melt is snow will make matters worse. Alex perez, abc news.

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{"id":19058277,"title":"Fargo Residents Prepare for Battle Against Floods","duration":"1:38","description":"About 100,000 sandbags have been prepped to defend homes against impending flood waters rise.","url":"/WNT/video/fargo-residents-prepare-battle-floods-19058277","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}