Fast-Food Feeding Frenzy

Some McDonald's in South Florida promising a meal in 60 seconds or it's free.
1:49 | 08/06/14

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Transcript for Fast-Food Feeding Frenzy
Fast food giant promising to rush some customers through the drive through in sixty seconds or their meal is free. So we put cameras in the car and put it to the test here's ABC's Rebecca Jarvis and. This is probably less frustrating trip and never taken. The video after video of people on YouTube complaining -- -- fast food just. Even fast enough and this is taking way too long now hosts a McDonald's in South Florida serving up a fast food Fennessy. Your drive -- food in sixty seconds. Where you get a free -- which our producer putting it to the test you -- 62 guarantee placing the order paying for it. And clock starts ticket you're doing well. I'm going to go -- you better hurry 41 seconds later lunches in hand they did it. In New Jersey we're headed out with fast food aficionados. Feel shock and Stacy playing for a quick -- how important time. Speed is of the essence. We have to get back to be on -- And the facts are working against them a recent study says drive through times are actually getting still no McDonald's clocking in its slowest speed in fifteen years. Averaging more than three minutes the problem. Giant menus with loads of options so -- keep -- faxed. Keep it simple no special requests yeah. Shop -- -- anything special. I did nothing that coming. And consider this today 70% of fast food orders are coming from that tries -- Which means the lines inside could be shorter we tried. A happy meal while on the run Rebecca Jarvis ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"1:49","description":"Some McDonald's in South Florida promising a meal in 60 seconds or it's free.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"24873604","title":"Fast-Food Feeding Frenzy","url":"/WNT/video/fast-food-feeding-frenzy-24873604"}